To fully implement the scientific outlook on development and seize the historic opportunity of speeding up the development of advanced manufacturing and modern service industries, building the "four centers" to accelerate transformation of regional economic development mode and economic restructuring, enhancing rapid development of high-tech industries and other strategic new industries as well as modern service industry and with a view to upgrade the industry level by taking "adjustment of structure, expansion of domestic demand and promotion of development" as the main line, based on scientific planning, integration of resources as a guide and as supported by policy focus and better services support, we propose the following Implementation Advice on Establishment of the Working Mechanism of “Firm Measures Attracting Investment”.

1 Deepen and Accelerate Regional Industrial Planning Layout as oriented by Adjustment of Structure

(1) Promotion of development of major strategic high-tech industrialization and other strategic emerging industries.

As oriented by six main industries of new energy, civil aerospace, advanced major equipment, electronic information manufacturing, biomedicine and new material decided by the Shanghai Municipality and Party Committee for this District, further push forward the development of high-tech industries and other strategic emerging industries. Firstly, positively strive for industrial orientation related to this region set by the state and Shanghai municipality, refine the "combination of two planning" to formulate a detailed regional regulatory plan on relevant industries. Secondly, continue to refine and improve action plan regarding six major industries worked out by this District and the supporting policies to fully take advantage of external policy resources. Concentrate all resources to promote the regional high-tech technology industrialization and development of other new emerging strategic industries by joint efforts of the municipality and the District and reliance on interaction of “three Shanghai Districts”. Thirdly, improve the layout of six major high-tech industries by firmly relying on main industrial parks and bases within this District to attract key projects and upstream and downstream supporting enterprises to expand industrial chain, and improve industrial level. e.g. exert our efforts to develop Pujiang Hi-Tech Park to create "Sun Valley"; further cooperate with the Shanghai Electric (Group) Corporation to accelerate the construction of rail transit industry base and to promote the development of supporting industries; energetically boost High-generationTFT project by relying Xinzhuang Industrial Park and the State (Shanghai) Industrial Park of flat panel display devices, offer follow-up services to large aircraft and avionics projects and actively introduce supporting projects for aerospace and promote building the new Hongqiao International Medical Center.

(2) Make an urbanization plan to speedup the construction of Hongqiao Business District.

Keep up with the development and building of Hongqiao integrated transport hub as well as strategic emergence of “Greater Hongqiao to fully take up its function effect, making it to be an important engine of Minhang District’s future economic growth. Firstly, deepen planning coordination to upgrade regional industry level and raise the position of the core area of theShanghai international trade center by closely following the orientation of industry function in this business center. Better plan coordination to build an agglomeration area of service industry which can fit the core area and undertake the main function of the area by perfect industry development plan in its surrounding areas. Secondly, keep up the space with the project to introduce major service projects of headquarters, international health care, e-commerce, information service, business service, modern logistics, cultural originality around the hub and in particular, go all out to attract the projects which are great importance to the development of Minhang District such as the integrated convention and exhibition center of the Ministry of Commerce.

(3) Prepare and continuously improve the industry catalogue encouraged by Minhang District.

Based on the orientation of state industry development and in conjunction with support catalogue for Shanghai industry development, focus six major high-tech industries and other new emerging industries as well as service industry by relying on the planning and building of Hongqiao Business center. Act promptly to prepare and regularly adjust the industry catalogue encouraged by Minhang District to guide all towns, sub-districts, industrial parks to decide up basic orientation and goals to attract more projects according to their local conditions. Meanwhile, the industrial catalog will serve as the basis of the assessment and evaluation, reward incentive mechanism.

2. Improve policy system of “Firm Measures Attracting Investment” by focusing on the concept of “Putting emphasis on major projects and offering assistance to less important projects”

Set up special funds to support high-tech industrialization and modern service industry to persist in focusing on key areas, key projects and key technologies as well as go all out to assist the original SMEs. Focus involves the following aspects:

(1) Intensify the efforts to attract investment of advanced manufacturing industry in way of providing subsidies to manufacturing equipment.

The Finance of District level will give 10% subsidy to the high-tech projects which is complied with industry orientation of our District and manufacturing equipment purchased by energy saving projects involving in industry restructuring. Generally the subsidy for a single project shall not exceed RMB 30 million yuan. Towns, sub-areas, Xinzhuang Industrial Park may give subsidy and support in other fields depending on the project.

(2) Intensify the efforts to attract investment in a manner of providing subsidies to property rent.

A fixed amount of fund shall be allocated each quarter by the finance of the district level based on the performance in “Firm Measures Attracting Investment” performed by towns, sub-district, XinzhuangIndustrial Park. The towns, sub-districts, Xinzhuang industrial Park will give subsidy to rent and property purchased by corporate headquarters of the service industry providing excellent service. A three-year rent subsidy shall be given to the office building for self use rented by any headquarters company based on the standard not greater than 50% of market guidance price in the same block, the maximum shall not exceed RMB 2.5 million yuan per year. A total three-year rent subsidy shall be given to the office building for self- use purchased by any enterprise headquarters based on the same rent standard. The towns, sub-districts, Xinzhuang Industrial Park may take supplementary measures as the case may be. The district-level financial and property rental subsidy program shall be filed to the District Finance Bureau, Economic Commission.

(3) Exploring an incentive method for senior talentedpersonnel in key fields with the high- tech industry.

Proper personnel contribution award shall be admitted in conjunction with personal income and contributions. The specific methods will be developed by the District Economic Commission and District Finance Bureau.

(4)Set up special fund for “Firm Measure Attracting Investment”.

A fixed amount of shall be appropriated each quarter by district-level finance depending on the performance conducted by towns, sub-areas, Xinzhuang Industrial Park in “Firm Measure Attracting Investment”. This fund shall serve as the working expenses in promotion of the work of attracting investment and service enterprises. The use of funds shall be filed to the District Economic and Trade Commission at the end of each year.

(5) Set up Venture Capital Fund.

Play a leading role of financial capital and leverage effect to attract social venture capital and investment institutions to gather in this District by encouraging investment into six high-tech industries and innovative enterprises in their early stage to upgrade industry level and innovation ability in this District.

(6) Enhancing the assessment guide.

The task of accelerating the process of developing six high-tech industries and other strategic new emerging industries should be listed as an important part of performance appraisal for all towns, sub-area andXinzhuangIndustrial Park and related District functional departments, and their assessment weight should be increased. Improve the measurement standard of performance indicators for newly-added domestic registered capital, the contracted foreign capital thus introduced, paid foreign capital in corresponding industry projects.

3. Ensure introducing of advanced industrial projects and their land supply by allocating usable land.

(1) Perfect mechanism for integrated management of land resources.

Continue to steadily promote the progress of the relocation work and acquisition of land by putting the focus on regional industrial restructuring and the availability of land in stock. Prepare annual reserve plan to continue to reserve land and accelerate selling of land use right. Actively make efforts to include the land of key state and Shanghai projects in the city's overall land targets. Further to strengthen efforts to disposal of idle land to regularly sort out usable land resources, factory buildings in stock, occupation of the buildings in all towns, sub-areas, Xinzhuang Industrial Park to create a dynamic database.

(2) The joint responsibility system in land acquisition and relocation for major projects.

The cost of land acquisition and relocation for state and Shanghai's strategic projects and the projects which promote the economic and social development of the whole District shall be jointly borne by the funds from District Government and the governments of the towns, sub-areas,XinzhuangIndustrial Park. The District shall allocate the share borne by the District finance to the towns, sub-areas, XinzhuangIndustrial Park in a fixed amount according to the actual condition of the projects.

4. Put forth efforts to build a good Investment environment for “Firm Measures Attracting Investment” through provision of coordination and services.

(1) Establish a working group to attract major projects (thereinafter referred as to the "Working Group").

The group will be headed by the leader of this District in charge and its members are all the functional departments of District Development and Reform Commission, District Economic Commission, District Science and Technology Commission, the District Construction and Transportation Commission, the District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, District Finance Bureau, District Education Bureau, District Health Board, District Planning and Land Bureau, District Housing Support and Building Administration, District Environmental Protection Bureau, District Commerce and Industry Branch, District Tax Bureau, District Land Reserve Center, District Project Management Office, District Investment and Development Office and Fire brigade. The office of this group is set up within the District Investment and Development Office which is responsible for its daily work. All member units should strengthen the interaction and collaboration to make joint efforts to introduce major projects into the District offering good services to “Firm Measures Attracting Investment”.

(2) Improve the "green channel" for administrative approval.

Prepare and publish administrative approval directory of this District by furthering centralized sorting out of administrative approval to improve the efficiency of approving enterprises incorporation. Prepare a new round of catalog of notification commitment which shall be fully implemented. Reform approval procedures of construction projects to further play the roles of two platforms of approval coordination and consultation. Continue to optimize the approval process and practicing rules to promote the standardization of administrative approval. Achieve collaborative applications of construction project approval and approval of the enterprises incorporation by setting up a platform of online approval.

(3) Strengthen service of the teams of attracting investment.

Intensify the service to outbound delegations and teams on business trip and quicken the approval process based on the requirement for attracting investment of the industry projects. Delegations with special needs may be deemed as special case with special methods.

(4) Establish tracking service mechanism and supervision mechanism related to projects.

Further enhance service awareness, innovative service concept and optimize service measures. The host towns, sub-districts, Xinzhuang Industrial Park should assign designated person to track, visit and get a knowledge of the progress of the projects and solve problems needing coordination. Do not evade or impute to effectively solve problems for enterprises. Working Group Office is responsible for combing major projects in the whole District to supervise whole process of the project and report the supervision result to the District Government each month. At the same time, conduct special studies to properly solve various issues in the course of advancing the project to practically push forward the project construction and completion as well as operation.

(5) Strengthen communication at work.

Positively obtain supports from all parts by actively contacting related ministries and commissions and strengthening communication to Hongqiao Business District Management Committee and other municipal departments in the matters of construction of Shanghai international trade center and acceleration of development of high-tech industrialization as well as modern service industry development. Intensify the communication and coordination with municipal planning department in particular. Make a close watch on daily work to timely get aware of the development focal points, the essence of the policy, industrial layout. Take a new round of development opportunities by rallying projects, focusing on policies and making joint efforts.

(6) Establish a sound platform to release information in the whole District related to attracting investment.

Release in centralized way industry planning in this District, industry orientation and dynamic information relating to resource of attracting investment projects to intensify the effort of attracting investment by creating the District information network of attracting investment. Meanwhile, the make full use of various media, event and investment fairs to timely publish information on various investment information.

(7) Establish a sound mechanism on expert review and comprehensive assessment in respect to support to project.

Project should be given support after review on technical level of the project, R & D productivity, the development prospects, contribution to local economy, energy consumption and environmental protection by the experts in related fields and valuation bodies. Improve the mechanism of special support to the state, Shanghai strategic projects and the projects which will make particularly great contributions to the economic and social development of the whole District.

This implementation advice period is from January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2012. This advice shall be adjusted along with the adjustment of relevant state and Shanghai policies. The Minhang District Government Research Office, Minhang Economic Commission and Minhang District Science and Technology Commission shall be responsible for the interpretation of this advice. The functional departments concerned of this District shall prepare specific Implementing measures in accordance with the advice.

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