Approved by the Shanghai Municipal Government on September 12,2001, the park focuses on micro-electronics, photoelectron

, communication, digital technology, software, nano-tech and life science, and others. It has attracted many hi-tech

companies’ headquarters, R & D centers and venture capital companies.

Located in Wujing Town, the park is divided nto a university town, a research and development center and an industrial incubator base, according to its first phase construction. In addition, it is also planned to establish an IT park, a

life science park and a new material park.

Currently, companies such as Shanghai MSN Network Communications Technology Co. Ltd, National Veterinary R&D Center and Intel Asia-Pacific Research and Development Ltd, etc., have settled in the park.

By the end of 2006, it had attracted about US$1.651 billion foreign investment with 24 projects being operated by

foreigh companies. In addition, it had also absorbed 327 million yuan domestic investment with 33 projects.

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