Last Saturday, a splendid Christmas-themed recreation at Qibao Vanke Plaza was lighted up. Grouped by arrays of bulbs, a 22-meter-tall Christmas tree shined attractively at night, like stars in the firmament casting lights upon it. Gloriously and brightly, it seemed that the Santa Clause wafted the holy joys among the public.




Hanging out shoulder to shoulder with sharks, joyfully touring in the sea, admiring the “Milky Way” clustering with numerous fish, whispering hand in hand with the fish, those miracles tug at your heartstrings already or not? No matter what you catch in eyes or hands, it will be incomparable miracles in deep sea during this Christmas.

The 1st Stop of National Tour of “Deep Sea Miracles”, Initial Landscaping Marine Organism Exhibition Domestically


Leju Square at 1F, Qibao Vanke Plaza, Shanghai


November 25, 2017 to January 10, 2018

Different from traditional aquariums, the Marine Organism Exhibition offers an ocean world view distinguishingly and vividly, accessing tourists to explore the deep sea most intimately.

1. “Deep Sea” Train

 As the only way to the deep sea, the exclusively-forged Deep Sea Train also takes various submarines adding radiance to the ride, with its red headstock boasting of Christmas joys along the exploration additionally.

2. Mysterious Glassy Room

 The Train drives tourists through the deep sea, firstly stopping at the Mysterious Glassy Room. Hanging plenty of colorful glassy balls gestating fish inside fabulously, the room sends forth a light scent of mystery.




When walking away the room, please remember to look up, an exquisitely-made tunnel brightens lively with fish roaming inside.

3. Fish Tank Fountain

Initially designed and built, the unique fish tank fountain is widely acclaimed as the peak of perfection.




4.     Sea Lounge

In the middle of the deep sea miracles, a novel Sea Lounge stages yellow tangs, seahorses, Western clownfish, Siamese Crocodile and so forth waiting to please you.




5. Deep-sea Christmas Gifts

After a long ride, the train finally drives to the Reindeer. Right back at the reindeer herald, exquisitely prepared by the sea world organizer, a huge Christmas box carries plenty of amazing gifts for tourists.

6. Creatures Freeing Pool

If expects a handshake with marine organisms, the Creatures Freeing Pool may satisfy you.


Intimately touching starfishes, conches and other marine creatures, kids would be lost in wonder at those gentle lives. Try to be nice to them too.

The deep sea miracles involve near one thousand submarines in over one hundred varieties. Welcome to enjoy the tour.

Qibao Vanke Plaza

Address: No. 3366, Caobao Road


Source: the District Tourism Bureau


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