As the saying goes, “one more autumn rain, the chillness once again”. Here comes soon another hit of cold air. Don’t shiver or curl up in spite of the freezing air! Thus, we offer the best guide of hot spring bath in Minhang to warm you up!

Wanle Spring

The First Pure Japanese-Style Deluxe Hot Spring in China

Wanle Spring boasts of 100% soft water supply, twelve pools respectively featuring skin care, carbonic acid, jet, salt-water steam and infrared-ray etc. as well as the snowing room for skin-pore refining! You can also have a lot of fun playing the VR games valued at RMB200,000! The Japanese-style hot spring lives up to the golden brand of Minhang!



You can be rest assured that every pool will trigger the monitoring device once in an hour! And you will find your body surrounded by super-tiny bubbles in the heated water with the help of the latest technology. These bubbles can seep into and clear up your skin pores, help wash off the dirt and give you a skin care that makes it smooth and gentle like silk.


Address: Crossroad of Dongchuan Road and Jinping Road, Minhang District (Opposite to Jinping Road Metro Station of Line 5)

Tel: 021-60933777

Qinghua Pool

Hot Bath, Tea and Buffet

Qinghua Pool occupies an area of over 6,000 , fully-equipped with business, catering and other customer-oriented services. There are sauna, Japanese-style bath, the rest area at the third floor, dining area at the forth area and various recreational facilities like billiards and mini golf.

Address: Third Floor of Gumei Life Shopping Plaza, No. 1300, Longming Road

Tel: 021-62208212



Best Combo of Online-Famous Rice Juice and Croissant-Shaped Hat

NewStar is a traditional South-Korean family bathhouse that stands long in Minhang. The exquisite linen gown and adorable croissant-shaped hat never fail to conjure up scenes in South Korean TV soaps. The theme sauna rooms vary in temperature, ranging from skin-comfortable 35 to 70 at the carbonatite room, which helps sweat and detox body. The rice juice and hot spring eggs remain the highlights of NewStar. A bottle of icy rice juice after the bath can cool you down, satisfy your thirst well and remove moisture out of your body.

Address: No. 1, Lane 258, South Jinhui Road

Tel: 021-34320777




Hayidun Sauna

Spotting Planes Overhead in Bath

Hayidun Sauna is located at the Qibao Business District in the vicinity of the airport and thus stands out as the only bathhouse in Shanghai where visitors can view planes in the bathtub. The recreational facilities remain the highlight of Hayidun. Apart from the pools and sauna rooms, there are many other options for rest and entertainment following the bath, including karaoke, card and board games, massage, nail and facial care, charge-free gym, Internet café, 5D cinema and children’s garden. Girls can take pictures in front of the unaided-eye 3D art wall with Korean cloth on. You won’t get bored even if you spend a whole day there on the weekend.

Address: Block C, Luolai Life Plaza, Lane 3588, Qixin Road

Tel: 021-62628181

Bath Tips

1. You should understand types of the pool and choose the suitable one for your physical condition before the bath so as to meet your expectations and avoid harm to your body.

2. No bath with an empty stomach or right after a meal or drinking. And you should wait for at least one hour after a meal and then go take the bath.

3. You should choose the pool of the suitable temperature and, generally, start with the lower then to the higher temperatures. Each bath should last for no more than 15 minutes and timely re-hydration is advisable.

4. Remember to close your eyes in the mood of meditation in the bath and take several slow and deep breaths so as to relieve mental and physic

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