Last weekend, Minmin introduced the night scene and the featured food street of Minhang in the current Tourism Shopping Festival taken by the WeChat friends of the official WeChat of Minhang District, “Shanghai Minhang”. These beautiful pictures have been frequently favored by the WeChat friends.

The 2015 Minhang Tourism Shopping Festival has organically integrated business, sports and culture and allowed domestic and foreign tourists and consumers to earnestly experience the diversity of the business operation forms and contents in Minhang and the integrated entertainment mode combining modern trend and national features.

The WeChat friends of “Shanghai Minhang” have captured the wonderful moments with camera and these photos have been selected for the excellent works of the Photography Competition in the current Tourism Shopping Festival.

Today, Minmin will present the photos on humanistic style and natural scenery. Please enjoy!

Chang’e Descending to the World – Sun Xinming

Fighting – Gu Binhai

Land Boat – Sun Xinming

Interaction – Liu Chongrong

Constructer – Sun Xiaoming

Charming Night – Yao Weixing

Fantastic Hubble-bubble Show – Zhang Zhigang

Riding in Minhang – Sang Jionghua

Feelings for Hanxiang – Wei Jinping

Motherland in My Heart – Zhang Miaofa

Aibo Homeland – Guo Zhongnian

Hanxiang Water Garden – Huang Faguang

Dawn of Dahongqiao – Guo Zhongnian

Xinzhuang Today – Yao Weixing

Travel at Home – Gu Binhai

Xinzhuang Overpass – Ding Chunming

Water Park – Sun Xinming

Eco-city – Sang Jionghua

Tiled Wall – Sun Xinming

Guest Greeting Path – Guo Zhongnian

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