To increase the gross product by about 10% from the previous year, increase the financial revenue by about 8% from the year before, and increase the per-capita disposable income of urban and rural residents by about 10% from 2009.

To complete a number of priority projects closely related to people's life:

1. To expand the experimental scope of joint management of old apartment buildings to 6 million square meters;

2. To complete the connection projects of 10 roads and start the projects of another 10 roads;

3. To start and adjust 20 public bus routes, add 80 buses, add 300 bus shelters, and add 1,000 public parking spaces for vehicles.

4. To complete the renovation of 15 standard vegetable markets and the coverage of real-time food safety management of large super markets, wholesale markets and 43 standard farm product markets;

5. To complete the renovation of natural villages within the basic farmland protection area for 3,300 households;

6. To introduce 10 high-quality education and medical institutions;

7. To screen 100 free Expo-themed movies in the theatres and realize the coverage of 424 grassroots culture "digital home" service points;

8. To provide biennial free health checks for the retired, women in difficult situations, registered seniors of over 60 years old and all disabled people;

9. To provide in-patient nursing allowance for five categories of diseases for the parents of the first generation of only-child families.

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