“East of Pujiang River, An Urban Forest”. The 1st stage of Pujiang Country Park to be opened covers an area of about 5.82km2 and is enclosed by Shenzhuangtang, Puye Road, Changlin Road, Puxing Highway, Lianyue Road, South Pujin Road, Shenjiahu Highway and Huangpu River Conservation Forest. It targets to an “urban suburban park for forest tourism and waterfront recreation” and is integrated with 3 ideas of “suburbs, arts and autumn scenery”, which are its major difference with other country parks.


It is lately learnt from Minhang Real Estate Company that the logo of Pujiang Country Park has been born. It is simple and beautiful with unique implications. And the names of the 5 sections have been determined. Let’s take a look –


Look, this is the logo of Pujiang Country Park. The paper-folding style logo like a maple leaf would 1st leap into your eyes. It is constituted by the shapes cut from circles of different sizes and presenting different angles. Each leaf has its own color, representing maple leaf, flower, autumn, trees and grasses and lakes and meaning passion, sweet, harvest, vitality and pure. And it also represents the 5 recreational sections in the 1st stage of the Park.

What are the features of these 5 sections? What recreational facilities are there? Let’s see –


Dynamic Forest Section

It covers an area of 19.27 hectares with luxuriant tress and leafy shades. It is possessed with natural scenery Flora under Forest, as well as Forest Sports, Sports Corridor and Forest Theatre. You can take exercise and relax yourself at the Outdoor Skate Park, Forest Basketball Court, Annular Footpath and Leisure & Sports Area, and also enjoy a forest concert and performance in the Forest Theatre.


Wonder Garden

It covers an area of 43 hectares and is a forest wonder garden integrated with flower art, intelligent parent-child development and science popularization education. It presents a feast of flower art, including an artistic flower carpet and a fantastic world of flowers, a natural entertainment park favored by children, an intelligent children discovery center, and a science population class. All these will build a bridge for people of all ages to get connected with nature.


Ideal Pastoral Section

It covers an area of 61.27 hectares and is a re-constructed comprehensive agricultural arts interactive and experiencing section where you can enjoy beautiful scenery, planting, pick-up and delicacies. Tao Yuanming wrote in his “Returning to My Farm” that “My wish is simple” and “Return to a simple life in my own fields and gardens”. Returning to the countryside has become an ideal dream of busy urban people. And the Ideal Pastoral Section is the best pastoral place in the urban area.


Forest Recreation Section

It covers an area of 200 hectares and is a comprehensive base for forest exploration, forest parent-child activity, forest exercising and forest camping. The primitive trees and woodland have been preserved there and areas for exploration, camping and parent-child activities have been tactfully arranged in the woodland, which will present a beautiful and serene environment and great fun.


Waterfront Strolling Section

It covers an area of about 209 hectares and is featured by waterfront strolling, sightseeing and historical and cultural relics. Here remains the former site of the only railway of standard gauge over Huangpu River -- Wujing Train Ferry which is also the only used train ferry over Huangpu River. The relics of the industrial age have become a part of nature. Strolling along the 4km waterfront footpath, you will feel gusts of wind and look far into the distance where there are barges under the moonlight and gulls against setting sun.



Site of Wujing Train Ferry

With the birth of Country Park’s logo, the name and functions of each section has been finally decided and an overall renovation has been carried out on the Country Park in accordance with the principle of “suitable for water, forest and agriculture”. After its opening, visitors would enjoy the pureness of this natural place away from the bustling city.

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