Do you know that foreigners who live in Shanghai and have a permanent foreign residence certificate can apply for the 2017 Foreign Permanent Resident ID Card from June 1 to December 31? And its 1st edition is to be released tomorrow. Let’s take a look --

What does 2017 Foreign Permanent Resident ID Card looks like?

The items to be registered in the card include name, sex, date of birth, nationality, period of validity, issuing authority and card number. Personal data and the issuing and managing information will be stored in a chip, which can be read with a 2nd-generation ID card reader.


2017 Foreign Permanent Resident ID Card can be used alone as a resident ID card in managing affairs related to finance, education, health care, transportation, accommodation, communication, work, tax revenue and social insurance, property registration, and lawsuit. Overseas Chinese will be able to enjoy almost all rights of a “Chinese citizen”.

How to apply?

Materials to be submitted for a Foreign Permanent Resident ID Card include:

1. “Application Form of Changing or Re-issuing Foreign Permanent Resident ID Card” and 1 recent ID photo of 2-inch (the digital version is necessary for great change in appearance);

2. Valid foreign passport and original permanent foreign residence certificate for verification.


What to be noted?

1. Applicants over 18 years old should apply in person; those under 18 years old should apply by one of the parents;

2. ID photo should be a colored and bareheaded one with white background and its digital version is of 48mm*33mm. The width of the face should be grater than or equal to 18mm±1mm; the top hair line should be 1.5mm-2.5mm to the upper edge of the photo; and it would be better to show the complete shirt collar or clavicle below the portrait;

3. The Public Security Organs are entitled to ask for other relevant materials if necessary.


Prompts: As the tourism season is coming, it can be expected that the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau would be crowded with people. It is thus suggested that those attempting to apply for a foreign Permanent Resident ID Card avoid the peak time and go there on workdays. Those applying for a passport or a travel permit can make a reservation in advance through WeChat number (Minhang Exit-Entry)

Address: No. 3 Shenbei Road (near Humin Road)

Working Hours: 08:30-17:00 from Monday to Saturday (national holidays not included)

Tel: 021-24063900; 021-24062615

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