“A lamp for readers can light up the whole city.” On June 23, the “City Study” Minhang Library Brach located at No. 85, Mingdu Road was officially opened to the public, free of charge. It is the fourth 24-hour city study in Minhang as well as the first in Xinzhuang. The opening of the Minhang Library Brach marks the operation of all the four 24-hour unattended city studies in the first batch in Minhang, making a new cultural highlight for the citizens.


Then are there any differences between the “City Study” Minhang Library Brach and the other three city studies? Let’s take a look.

Simple and fashionable, networked self-service reading in an all-round way.


Different from the Fenghuang Hall, Bijiang Hall and Maqiao Hall, the “City Study” Minhang Library Brach is a 24-hour unattended self-service library built by the district administration of culture, radio, film and television and the district library, covering a floor area of 96 square meters, with a collection of more than 4,000 books and nearly 40 seats. Designed and decorated in the simple style of Northern Europe with elegant furnishing, the “City Study” provides the readers with the reading experience of family study.
The “City Study” Minhang Library Brach is the first 24-hour unattended self-service library in Xinzhuang area, with the all-round networked self-service and the readers’ self-management operation mode adopted. The “City Study” only offers reading service and the readers cannot borrow books or apply for library card. Only with an ID card or Reader’s One-Card, the readers can read in the hall and enjoy the 24-hour services such as reading, studying, e-book downloading, wireless Internet access and reading promotion. A reader there said, “I and my son like reading. Since the city study was open, we have been able to come any time, no matter how late it is.”

“Bring empathy to those without the feelings and make the past experience confirmed”

On the day, sponsored by Minhang District TV and Minhang District Library, the “Reading Voice” recitation activity also kicked off at the “City Study” Minhang Library Brach. The “Reading Voice” means the “reading voices in the study”, and it is planned that there will be one theme for each quarter and one event in each month as the beautiful essays with positive energy depicting the real warm feelings, life experiences and life insights will be selected and the famous radio announcers, TV hosts and dubbing speakers will be invited to recite the essays on site to present the beauty of the text and emotion with their voices.

On the opening day of the library branch, Rao Pingru, 96, the author of “The Stories of Us Two”, was invited to kick off the “Reading Voice” activities, telling the readers a story known as “the most beautiful romance of the century”.


Mr. Rao Pingru is autographing his copies of book for the readers.


After finishing an interview program with Mr. Rao, A well-known media reporter wrote:

"Rao Pingru’s wife Meitang passed away when he was 87. Since then he has used the brush to paint his wife starting from her childhood. In four years, he has completed 18 albums of painting, with the style similar to Feng Zikai. It is a story of an ordinary couple, who have interpreted the old saying of ‘holding your hand and growing old with you’. The emotions in the story bring empathy to those without the feelings and make the past experience confirmed.”

Why was Mr. Rao invited? It was to “bring empathy to those without the feelings and make the past experience confirmed”, which is also one of the purposes for the “Reading Voice” activities.

In the next event, which guests will be invited to the “Reading Voice”? Let’s see whether there are your favorite writers.

Season Theme Event Reading Theme Honored Guest
Season 1: Kinship Event 1  “The Stories of Us Two” Rao Pingru: The book “The Stories of Us Two” records the twists and turns of a family in nearly 60 years, and witnesses a couple’s love of life and death as well as the changes of times. The style of the pictures is like that of Feng Zikai, and short poems or essays are attached to all pictures, presenting deep feelings.

Event 2  “Yue Ming Zhu Huan” Kong Mingzhu: Shanghai writer and member of the council of Shanghai Writers’ Association, author of 10-plus works such as “Shanghai Young Ladies”, “Lady Kong’s Kitchen”, “Aunties”, “Tastes of the Cooked”, “Atmosphere of Smoke and Fire” and “Yue Ming Zhu Huan”. She won the “Bing Xin Assay Award” in 2016.

Event 3  “Hui Wang (Looking Back)” Jin Yucheng: editor of "Shanghai Literature", master works including “Fan Hua (Flowers)” and “Hui Wang (Looking Back)”. The “Fan Hua” won the first place of the full-length novels in the 2012 Chinese ranking of fictions, the annual novelist award of the 11th Chinese literature media awards, the second Shi Naian literary award and the first annual novel award of Lu Xun culture awards.
Season 2: Life Event 4 To be confirmed Jian Ping: Shanghai Radio and Television Station, news reporter, senior editor, and film and TV play producer

Event 5 To be confirmed Chen Cun, Shanghai writer, vice president of the 8th Shanghai Writers’ Association, president of Shanghai Internet Writers’ Association, his works include the “Blue Flag”, which won the second China Minority Groups literary award, and “Ground and Underground”, “One Day” and “Death”, which won the first, second and third Shanghai literary awards respectively. He is good at depicting the mental process and emotional history of the modern people.

Source: Minhang District Administration of Culture, Radio, Film and Television

The specific time of the events is subject to the actual arrangements.

At present, all the four city studies in the first batch have been open in Minhang, and the addresses of the city studies are as follows:

Bijiang Branch
Address: First Floor, Building 9, No. 900, Heqing Road
Located at Bijiang Life Plaza, the largest commercial plaza in old area of Minhang, the Bijiang branch covers an area of 160 square meters with a collection of over 6,000 books. The internal functional designing and decoration were completed by a famous French designer, featuring fashionable, unique, quality and elegant style with abundant cultural elements.

Fenghuang Branch
Address: No. 517, Shiping Road
Covering an area of 170 square meters with a collection of over 6,000 books, it is located north of Dongchuan Road Station on rail transit Line 5, and it was designed by the same designer as Bijiang branch.

Wanke Branch
Address: intersection of Huaning Road and Yinchun Road (Wanke City)
Covering an area of 170 square meters with a collection of over 5,000 books, the city study is located in the Wanke City, providing the 24-hour books borrowing and reading services for the residents living in Wanke City, Gongyuan Dadao and surrounding areas, with the books meeting the demands of readers of all ages and the professional and parent-child publications specially offered.

Mingdu Branch
Address: No. 85, Mingdu Road, at the lobby on the first floor of the District Library
Covering an area of nearly 100 square meters with a collection of over 5,000 books, it is located on the square south of the metro station with convenient traffic, providing the readers with 24-hour reading, wireless Internet access, e-book borrowing and other services.

It is learnt that the District Administration of Culture, Radio, Film and Television will set up more city studies, create warm and comfortable public cultural space, meet the community residents’ demands for reading, studying and cultural leisure, continue to build the city studies, the small reading space, into a light of city culture, and present the readers with the homelike warmth and the cultural atmosphere of “enjoying reading”.

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