Do you know that an art museum will soon stand at Minhang Culture Park ? As the first cultural project operated in PPP mode in Shanghai, the art museum is constructed in the new mode featuring cooperative operation of government and social capital. And the application of the new mode will bring us continuous art exhibitions in the whole year, 12 events of cultural products and services and dozens of cultural and artistic activities each year. After learning about it, you must be full of anticipation and curiosity about the PPP mode. Let’s take a look!


What is the PPP mode?
The PPP (Public-Private Partnerships) mode is a cooperation model of government and social capital as well as the partnerships formed by the government departments and social capital to provide public products and services.

The PPP mode is mainly used in infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, railways and subways, the public utility projects such as power supply, water supply, gas supply and heating supply and the social undertaking projects such as schools, medical care and nursing homes. At present the PPP mode has been used in the two projects of the comprehensive elderly care service center and the Minhang Culture Park Art Museum.


Take a look at how the Minhang Culture Park Art Museum will be run in the PPP mode.
At present Minhang District is building the international culture brands of Minhang Culture Park and Qibao Eco-business District. More and more private investors have turned their eyes to the arts and cultural industries, and more and more Minhang people have begun to pay attention to the development of cultural life in the district. How will the Minhang Culture Park Art Museum newly built in the PPP mode be operated?


Minhang Culture Park Art Museum is expected to cover a total area of 14,000 square meters, with the building including two layers above ground and one layer underground. The art museum has had the functional government department as the implementation institution of the project, who has been in charge of the establishment of the project and the purchases for the social investors according to law, signed the PPP project agreement with the project company set up by the social investors, and granted the right of management for the project. After the completion of the museum, the social investors will hold 100% stake in the project and take charge of investment, construction, operation and maintenance for the museum, and all the assets formed by the social investment belong to the district government. After the expiration of the operation, the management right of the museum will be transferred to the designated government department.
What are the advantages in building the art museum in the PPP mode? What better services will be provided for us?
Exhibitions held in the whole year.
12 times of cultural products and services each year.
12 times of free art appreciation training.
One world-level, two national-level and four city-level cultural and artistic events
In the second half of this year, the art museum will be open to the public, free of charge. There will be so many exhibitions, academic lectures, cultural and artistic activities and so on. In the future, we Minhang people will have more choices when enjoying the cultural and artistic activities.


In addition to so many activities, the application of the PPP mode in building the art museum has improved the efficiency in the use of financial funds, and saved a lot of financial funds in early investment as well as the personnel and operating expenses in the case of operation by Minhang District; the mode has increased the efficiency in advancement, with the construction quality ensured and importance attached to the later operation, maintenance and management; the comparative advantages of the private capital have been brought into play, which has boosted the integration of all kinds of capital and complementation of each other’s advantages and given full play to the comparative advantages of the private capital in technology and soft power; the mode has represented the project’s orientation toward performance, and guaranteed the people’s demands as public welfare; the mode has optimized the sharing of the risks, and distributed the force majeure and other risks in financing, construction and operation. 


With the management by the professional teams, the PPP mode will reduce the financial pressure for Minhang District as well as provide the Minhang people with more and better cultural resources. In the future, Minhang District will further standardize the operation process of the PPP mode, strengthen the policy publicity for the mode, and familiarize the people with the mode for them to better enjoy the public service resources in the PPP mode.

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