People are always longing for long holidays in their short holidays. Many residents have made tour plans long before the National Day holiday. One of the travel lovers’ motivations may be the calling for “Life Is Elsewhere” from Milan Kundera, but they may not realize that there are quite a few “the most familiar strange places” just around themselves. As the National Day “golden week” is to see the opening of the Minhang District Tourism Festival, a collection of scenic spots in Minhang will give you a pleasant long holiday with the short distances, excellent views, wonderful programs and the abundant one-day itineraries.Touring and Exploring
Historical Sites: Exploring Maqiao Ancient Culture Relics
Introduction: Visiting Minhang Museum and Maqiao Ancient Culture Relics, and viewing the fine scenery of the “Thousand-mu High Yield Square Field” in Maqiao.
Highlights: the living conditions of the ancient people 5,000 years ago can be seen at the Maqiao Ancient Culture Exhibition Hall.
The Maqiao Ancient Culture Relics are located at Yutang Village, east of Maqiao, with an area of over 10,000 square meters covering three layers of relics of different ages, the bottom of which is the shell and sand belt showing the location used to be the ancient sea coast.
The “Thousand-mu High Yield Square Field” located at Wuhui Village, Maqiao is featured a paddy field of one thousand
mu in the square form with the rice waving in the breeze. The Maqiao Farm Garden nearby boasts the grain drying and processing center and the bonsai garden.
Address: Minhang District Museum, Yutang Village, Maqiao Town and Wuhui Village
Time: Until October 6.Old Photo Exhibition at Hanxiang Water Expo Garden
Introduction: Themed the protection of the water sources and the Mother River and exhibition of the Huangpu River history and cultures, the Huangpu River Water Culture Expo Garden is adjacent to the water source on the upper reaches of the Huangpu River, which provides 70 percent of the domestic water of Shanghai residents.
Highlights: The pavilions and buildings at the foot of the hills and by the river bring a leisure feeling. The Old Photo Exhibition at the Guizhou Garden presents the contrasts of the new and old life of the residents in Maqiao. The Maqiao Ancient Culture Exhibition shows the Maqiao in history. Jiangnan Tusi (headman) Building boasts the photo exhibition of 60 Years in Maqiao. The riverside platform on Pujiang River boasts the view of the water intake of the upper reaches of the Huangpu River. The authentic farm dishes are provided in the restaurant of the water garden.
Address: 3805 West Jiangchuan Road, near Huijiang Road, by Metro Line 5 to Minhang Development Zone Station, transferring to Bus Maqiao 1.
Time: Long termFashion and Shopping Landmarks in Minhang: Minhang Shopping Festival
Introduction: The "United Nations of Fine Food" - Hongmei Leisure Street
Highlights: The businesses in Hongmei Leisure Street, over half of which are foreign-invested currently, recently launched the activities of the "United Nations of Fine Food", focusing on the 6 Chinese food restaurants featuring Shanghai cuisine, Anhui cuisine, food in Xinjiang, the northwestern cuisine and Chaozhou and Shantou dishes, and the 23 foreign theme restaurants and bars in the styles of Japan, Thailand, India, Turkey, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Mexico, the United States, Canada and other foreign countries.
Address: 3338 Hongmei Road
Time: Until October 7“My Favorite Snacks” Selection on Fine Food Festival
Introduction: The specialties of Qibao area will be showcased through the tasting and selecting events for the authentic Qibao specialties.
Highlights: The main snacks to be selected include Qibao square cake, Begonia pudding, ancient town small steamer bun, steamed dumpling, sweet dumpling, and fried pungent bean curd, etc., which are time honored and will satisfy the visitors appetite during the tour.
Address: Tianxianglou, Qibao Old Street (17 North Avenue)
Time: mid-September to mid-OctoberIndulging in the Exquisite Paper Cutting Art: Zhuanqiao Paper Cutting Exhibition
Introduction: The achievements in the inheritance and innovation of the paper cutting art by the artists from around the country are displayed to present the charms of the paper cutting art of different styles from different regions.
Highlights: The Zhuanqiao paper cutting art has formed the unique Shanghai style in the development of nearly 100 years, featuring delicate and exquisite works, updated designs, simple patterns, distinctive Shanghai characteristics and depiction of the times.
Time: 08:30 to 17:00 from October 15 to 31
Address: Exhibition Hall, Chunshen Cultural Plaza (85 Mingdu Road)Setting off Lanterns in Golden Autumn and Strolling Chenghuang Hometown: Ancient Town Tour
Introduction: The opening ceremony of Minhang Tourism Festival will held at Zhaojialou Watertown this year, demonstrating the history of the ancient Pudong area as the center of land reclamation and integrating the dragon culture of Minhang District, Zhuanqiao paper cutting, Maqiao hand lion dance, Qibao cotton textile, miniature sculptures and paper cutting, fiber art and other Jiangnan (the Yangtze River Delta regions) customs.
Highlights: It is the ancient town with the shortest distance from the Shanghai World Expo Park, therefore, the visitors touring the Expo Park during the National Day holiday may move immediately to the classical Jiangnan watertown 8 kilometers south of the park.
Address: Zhaojialou Watertown (Shendu Road, Gexin Village, Pujiang Town, near Suzhao Road), Metro Line 8 to Space Museum Station, transferring to Bus Pujiang 8, with section Bus Minhang 10, Bus 175, etc.
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