In early September, the "Ancient Town Food Festival" and the selection of the most favored snacks were held in Qibao Old Street, where the visitors and delicious snacks assembled during the event. After fierce on-site appraisal and
online selection, the expert appraisal event was held in the Ancient Town Management Company on September 17 and attending the event were Vice Town Mayor Yao Jianhua of the Qibao Town Government, Deputy Director Chen Jian of the District Administration of Tourism, Director Li Lijun of the Food Supervision Department of the District Food and Drug Administration and the representatives of the District Branch Administration of Industry and Commerce, Qibao Ancient Town Management Company, the persons-in-charge of the catering businesses in the old street and the fine food association.
As another feature event after the photography exhibition of “Urban Starlight and Fun in Minhang” and the Mid-autumn
Festival night celebrations in Zhaojialou Watertown themed “setting off lanterns in the golden autumn at Chenghuang’s hometown” during the 2011 Minhang Tourism and Shopping Festival, the event of the fine food selection is aimed to promote the food culture of the Qibao Old Street, create the focus for attracting the visitors to the old street, further enhance the influence of the brand of the Qibao Old Street and Ancient Town Tourism and lay a solid foundation for building the Qibao Old Street into a national 4A class scenic spot.
In the three stages of visitors’ selections, online selections and experts’ selections during the event, four awards including a superior award were determined in the 22 candidate snacks with the "Old Street dumpling" snatching the top award and other 9 snacks including "Qibao square cake" and “Qibao pancake” winning the first, second and third awards.

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