Citizens in Minhang District feel a little bit cold in these days due to the rainy, snowy weather and low temperature in winter. Is there anything that makes you feel warm? Yes, there is. That is shopping in a charity supermarket. The price of goods here is cheaper, and more importantly, you can make donation to charity and help people in need. What does the charity supermarket look like? Follow our reporter and pay a visit to the Yikatong Meilong Charity Supermarket.


This is the Yikatong Meilong Charity Supermarket on 78 Zhenxi Road.


Lower Price, High Quality


In the supermarket, diversified goods, including rice, grain and oil, articles of daily use, garment, stationery and wine, are stacked on shelves. All of them are donated by enterprises or residents nearby.


For example, one package of long grain fragrant rice (each package weighs 10kg) of a certain brand costs RMB65.2 on the market, but it costs only RMB58.9 here. Mrs. Chen lives in Meilong Ercun residential community nearby. She often goes shopping here with her grandson, because the price here is reasonable. Her grandson always asks her to buy a package of snacks, because he wants to donate money to people in need.


Simple, Elegant, Fashionable and Modern: Combining with Coffee Culture


Apart from affordable price, the charity supermarket also has good environment for shopping. The external façade is made of elegant white walls and black tiles. The interior design is simple, full of antique flavor and artistic sense. Leisure and entertainment facilities, such as café and library, are available for consumers. The supermarket creates a unique coffee culture featuring “charity + culture”. Consumers could have a cup of coffee, read a book or chat with their friends in the supermarket when they go shopping here.


You Can Exchange Love for Goods? How?


The “Yikatong” public service system is another innovative approach that the supermarket takes. After participating in a public service activity, consumers will get points in a “Yikatong” card. They could exchange the points for coffee or other charity goods, without the need to pay. In other words, consumers could not only purchase goods with cash, but could also exchange the points they get in charity activities for goods in the supermarket.


How to get points in the “Yikatong” card? You can follow the WeChat account of “Yikatong”, register on the smart public service platform, and choose to participate in public-welfare activities publicized by the community covering 4 categories: public-welfare, charity, cultural and sports and handy service for the public. You can get points after participating in a donation activity, a volunteer activity or offering a public-welfare service and after getting confirmation. The more points you have, the more goods you could exchange. The points could be used accumulatively.


Online + Offline: The Charity Supermarket Gives “Sweet Returns” to You


Different from other charity supermarkets, the Yikatong Meilong Charity Supermarket operates with an online and offline O2O pattern. Apart from real stores, there is a cloud supermarket in the WeChat account of “Yikatong” card, offering various goods for consumers to purchase. After placing an order online, consumers could receive goods at home via express delivery. Next, more charity supermarkets will be established in communities and neighborhood centers nearby by various means, e.g. unmanned supermarket, automatic vending machine, goods shelf and quick flashing supermarket, and encourage more citizens in Minhang District to participate in charity activities and get “sweet returns”.


The Charity Supermarket Joins Hands with Social Organizations to Strengthen Its “Self-Sufficient” Functions


After visiting the charity supermarket with our reporter, we believe that you can understand its difference with other supermarkets, and charity supermarket has promising future.


Do you know? One year ago and even earlier before, charity supermarkets in Minhang District were regarded by the people as regular social donation or social assistance agencies helping poverty-stricken people and organizing fund raising and donation activities. At that time, charity supermarkets were organized and managed by Minhang District Government. Due to institutional constraints and limited level of expertise of operators, these charity supermarkets lacked flexibility and competitiveness on the market.


Now charity supermarkets are in a 2.0 era. Minhang District introduces third-party social organization as a platform of market-oriented operation for charity supermarkets. Enterprises are responsible for selling commodities and goods for charity sales in the supermarket. A public-welfare operation platform is also established. It aims to realize five functions: donation of funds and materials, poverty alleviation and assistance to the poor, handy service for the public, volunteer service and transmission of charity culture, realize optimum combination of “charity” and “supermarket”, enhance the supermarket’s ability of survival and further growth and realize “self-sufficient” functions.


Citizens Are Enthusiastic to Go Shopping in the Charity Supermarket


Consumers could donate money to people in need while shopping in a charity supermarket. Different from other supermarkets, charity supermarkets are established for charity purpose. They will donate a certain amount of turnovers to charity foundations or people who need help. It means helping others when you go shopping here.


Charity Supermarket Gives Feedback to Charity: Establish Assistance Funds with Funds Raised in Charity Sales


Minhang District has made great achievements in reforming charity supermarkets. Previously, only several hundreds yuan of funds were raised in charity sales organized by charity supermarkets. After making reforms, each charity supermarket raises RMB300,000 to 500,000 of funds in charity sales. Minhang District also established an assistance fund of RMB1 million to help people fell into poverty due to illness.


9 Charity Supermarkets Have Completed Reform, and 5 Supermarkets Will Complete Reform This Year


This year, Minhang District continues to accelerate reform of socialized operation for charity supermarkets, and charity supermarkets will be established in all sub-districts and towns in the district. These supermarkets, after infiltrating in power of innovation, will give full play to their functions, add values to the charity undertaking and initiate a new pattern for social charity in Minhang District.


In addition to charity supermarkets in Xinzhuang Industrial Park, Xinzhuang Town, Meilong Town, Qibao Town, Zhuanqiao Town, Pujiang Town, Pujin Sub-district, Huacao Town and Hongqiao Town, this year, another 5 charity supermarkets will finish the reform. Where are these supermarkets located?


Name of Charity Supermarket


Person of Contact


Maqiao Town Charity Supermarket

35 Xixin Street

Shi Yuqin



Wujing Town Charity Supermarket

40 Lane 5530, Longwu Road

Huang Beili



Jiangchuan Road Sub-district Charity Supermarket

398 Heqing Road

Gu Yuzhen



Xinhong Sub-district Charity Supermarket

Room 101~103, 55 Lane 4358, West Tianshan Road

Xu Chengjian



Gumei Road Sub-district Charity Supermarket

The Charity Pavilion on 141 Pingyang Road

Zhang Mei




“Charity for People, People for Charity”: The charity in Minhang needs everyone’s participation and efforts. In charity supermarkets, we are both consumers and benefactors. Let’s help those people in need and make the city warmer and friendly.



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