In addition to landscape lamps on the South Plaza of Xinzhuang Station, Hengligang River and the southern part of Qixin Road, landscape lamps will be lit up in Hongqiao Business District during the National Day holiday.


“Dream on Rainbow Bridge”: Another Place in Minhang District with Beautiful Night View


This year, to further implement requirements of delicacy urban management and welcome the China International Import Expo, Minhang District made renovation on landscape lamps in the core area of Hongqiao Business District.


The renovation project, with the theme of “Dream on Rainbow Bridge”, followed 5 principles: safety, ornamental value, locality, practicality and timeliness. Landscape lamps were installed on important places in Hongqiao Business District, e.g. overpasses, South Shenbin Road, the intersection of Shenhong Road and Yanghong Road, Xiaolaigang River and the “Center of Hongqiao”.


Designer of this project said most landscape lamps give out warm white light and yellow light. Designer also added RGB+W lights (R: Red, G: Green, B: Blue, W: White). The colors could be adjusted based on needs.


Hongqiao Business District Becomes More Beautiful


After renovation, the night view in Minhang District becomes more beautiful. Follow Min Min and see what the landscape lamps look like in Hongqiao Business District.


The Cloud Corridor: Looks like a rainbow at night




The Cloud Corridor is the best place in the core area for seeing landscape. The 905-meter corridor connects several landmarks in Hongqiao Business District together, e.g. Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, the core area of Hongqiao Business District, Beihengjing River, Xiaolaigang River, National Convention and Exhibition Center, Songze Interchange, Jianhong Interchange and Jiamin Elevated Road. There are 8 overpasses over the corridor. New landscape lamps were installed on these overpasses. Apart from having lighting function, these lamps also offer shelter for pedestrians from the scorching sun and heavy rain. When landscape lamps are turned on at night, the Cloud Corridor looks like a colorful rainbow.


Colorful Edge on Jiamin Elevated Road


Roads and Buildings Becomes More Beautiful after a Facelift


There are many buildings nearby Shenchang Road, Shaohong Road and South Shenbin Road, e.g. The Hub, Vanke and Sunny World. Lighting effects are good on the façades of some buildings. Only slight renovation needs to be made. But some buildings looked dark. It requires more lights to make them look brighter at night.




Several beam lamps were installed on the rooftop of the buildings. These lamps are controllable. They could move up, down, left and right, making the night view more dynamic and lively.




On Shenchang Road, there is a landscape lamp with unique shape: The Severn Stars sculpture. Designer got inspiration from the Big Dipper. This sculpture is a scenic spot in the day, and becomes a landscape lamp at night. When the lamp is turned on, a picture of the Big Dipper could be seen on the ground. The shape of spoon tells everyone to be united and know sharing good things with others.




Ripple lamps were installed on Shenchang Road. When these lamps are turned on, the lights would flow on the ground slowly like a flowing stream, making the night view more interesting.


More Beautiful Riverside Night View




There are three rivers in the core area of Hongqiao Business District: Xiaolaigang River, Beihengjing River and Beichaogang River. Lamps were installed on guardrails on both sides of the Xiaolaigang River, and lamps were installed on riverside trees to light up them at night. All landscape lamps are made of RBG+W materials. The colors of lights could be adjusted based on needs. These lamps were also installed on guardrails of other two rivers.


Greenery Sculptures at Road Intersections


Several greenery sculptures were added at intersections of Shenkun Road and Huqingping Highway, Qixin Road and Huqingping Highway, Qixin Road and Wenhong Road, Qixin Road and Shengui Road, Shenkun Road and South Shenbin Road, Shenchang Road and Jianhong Road, Shenhong Road and Yanghong Road, Shenhong Road and Beidi Road. When citizens pass by these intersections on cars or on foot, they will see greenery sculptures with different themes.




The greenery sculpture, “Blooming Flowers and Full Moon”, symbolizes happiness. It looks more beautiful at night, under the background of lights.


More landscape lamps have been built in Minhang in recent years. Appropriate development and high quality is the positioning of Minhang District to build landscape lamps. On the one hand, Minhang advocates green concepts. Old lighting facilities were moved when making renovation projects. Green, energy-saving light sources were used to enhance ecological standard and improve lighting effects at night. On the other hand, more landscape lamps were installed in major scenic spots to form new landmarks. Landscape lamps have been installed on the Xinzhuang Overpass, the south square of Xinzhuang Station Phase I and the southern part of Qixin Road, and landscape lamps in the core area of Hongqiao Business District are under test. In the future, more landscape lamps will be installed in the northern part of Qixin Road and Humin Road~Xinsong Road.




The landscape lamps in Hongqiao Business District make the night view of Minhang more beautiful. When the China International Import Expo opens, visitors will be impressed by the stunning night view of Minhang District and feel the happiness and satisfaction of living in Minhang.

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