Discussions Held on 3rd Session of 6th CPPCC Minhang District Committee


This morning, discussions on three aspects: “Create excellent business environment and boost confidence of private enterprises”, “promote urban delicacy management and construct livable homeland” and “ensure the wellbeing and benefit of people and show humanistic concern” were held on the 3rd Session of the 6th CPPCC Minhang District Committee. CPPCC members from different walks of life, based on the practical experiences they accumulated in their works, offered advices on socioeconomic development of Minhang.


About Livable Homeland: Livable Homeland is definitely a homeland with intrinsic beauty.




2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. It is also a critical year for completing construction for a moderately prosperous society. General Secretary Xi Jinping said Shanghai should follow a new approach of social governance that conforms to the characteristics and rules of a megacity, and delicacy management should be made in a manner similar to do embroidery. Currently, Minhang District is at a critical stage of enhancing its urban functions and core competitiveness. Breaking the bottleneck of traffic, addressing deficiencies in environment and enhancing the level of delicacy urban management are becoming the focuses that all walks of life in the district showed concern for.




According to Yu Enxiu, the facilities in bus shelters of Minhang District failed to keep up with the positioning of a new modern district. She offered a suggestion that more lights should be installed in bus shelters, and in this way, the image of Minhang District will be further improved. It is also necessary to make bus shelters “smarter” during the process of urban construction and build bus shelters into windows of beautifying environment and promoting cultural and ideological progress.


As for promoting delicacy urban management and constructing livable homeland, according to Gong Minghong, safety is one thing in most urgent need of delicacy management. He suggested of revising the existing structure of emergency management organizations, gathering various resources, strengthening management on professional emergency handling teams, ensuring guarantee of emergency supplies and establishing an emergency supply guaranteeing system that covers all types of public safety incidents. Meanwhile, invite more people to participate in this process and strengthen education on emergency management.


Zhu Xuejun, Chairman of the CPPCC Minhang District Committee, agreed with other CPPCC members. He said livable homeland is definitely a homeland with intrinsic beauty. Currently, Minhang District is constructing “beautiful homeland”, “beautiful street” and “beautiful countryside”. These three things, including the villages, streets and communities, comprise the beautiful homeland for us. He believes that Minhang District will have a brighter future when we start again on the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up of China.


About humanistic concern: Give more sense of gain, sense of happiness and sense of security to Minhang residents.




Ma Aizhen, a CPPCC member from the social welfare sector who works for the welfare of the handicapped people, talked about her worries on the group discussion. The general public showed great concern for the elderly people, but the handicapped people is the largest group that needs us to show concern for. When the handicapped people grow older, how to take care of them is an urgent issue that requires our attention. Ma Aizhen offered a suggestion: Whether it is possible to offer training to nursing staffs for the handicapped and give maintenance to personal care and elderly care facilities for the handicapped.


CPPCC member Jia Yongchun shared her views on student’s mental health. Minhang District has a psychological counseling service hotline, which works for 24 hours, for primary and secondary students, but actually, 92% of callings came from the parents, not the students. The parents and teachers felt more anxious than the kids. Consequently, influenced by the anxiety of parents and teachers, the kids began to feel anxious as well, though they don’t want to feel anxious at all. This has become a serious problem.


Jia Yongchun said parents and schools should perform their duties and shoulder responsibilities respectively. She suggested the government to establish a supportive system for student’s mental health and offer more positive guidance to students.

Cao Fusheng, standing member of Minhang District Party Committee and Deputy Governor of Minhang District, nodded frequently to CPPCC members’ understandings and advices on “ensuring the wellbeing and benefit of people and showing humanistic concern”. He responded to the speeches of some CPPCC members and said the government should make more efforts to ensure the wellbeing of people, show respect for the people’s will and truly solve the difficulties, pain points and problems for the people. The government should make more investment on people’s livelihood and ensure people to have more sense of gain.


About the confidence of private enterprise: It requires the joint efforts of the government and the enterprise.




18 CPPCC members made speeches on the special discussion: “Create excellent business environment and boost confidence of private enterprises”.


CPPCC member Sun Jinguo said private enterprises created jobs for the people and helped them get more incomes by working for enterprises. As the head of Minhang District Human Resource and Social Security Association, he clearly understood that private enterprises are facing greater stress resulted from increasing human cost. To attract more talents, enterprises have to enhance the income of talents. Sun pointed out that to create harmonious society and enterprises under such circumstance, enterprises must enhance the output of every employee and take the increase of income as an approach and means. In this way, enterprises would truly make profits and survive.


Fan Yeping, as an enterprise owner, showed concern for how to solve problems related to intellectual property rights. He also regretted that it is difficult for private enterprises in Minhang, particularly manufacturing enterprises, to recruit highly-educated graduates from elite universities. He hopes the government would assist excellent private enterprises to retain or attract high-end talents and rise to the challenge by going abroad.


CPPCC member Lu Jun said creating favorable business environment is not only the duty of the government, but also the enterprise’s duty. The government and the enterprise should perform their respective duties for creating favorable business environment.


Shen Jun, standing member of Minhang District Party Committee and Deputy Governor of Minhang District, answered the question related to high labor cost, “Once the Central Government and Shanghai Municipal Government releases supportive policies related to social security or subsidies for enterprises, Minhang District will definitely be the first district in the city to implement these policies.”


Wu Bin, Deputy Governor of Minhang District, said he’s grateful for CPPCC members to offer such deep insight to the government. The ultimate goal is to boost the confidence of private enterprises under the joint efforts of the government and the enterprises. The government itself should have confidence. It should have confidence on private enterprises as well. Private enterprises should also have confidence. This is the foundation for private enterprises to boost confidence, which requires the joint efforts on both sides.



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