Residents, comrades and friends:
The sun and the moon open the new year, the world is another spring. Onbehalf of the people's Government of Minhang District, I extend my new year's greetings to all the people in the region and all friends at home and abroad who are interested in supporting the development of Minhang.

Over the past year, the whole region worked together and struggled together to maintain a good momentum of economic and social progress and maintain a good situation ofcontinuous improvementofpeople's livelihood. The initial formation of co-ordination mechanism of regional economic development, Shanghai Southern Science and Innovation Center in an orderly manner, Innovation of social governance deepens,Comprehensive improvement of the environment to achieve new breakthroughs, City functions continue to optimize. The neighborhood centers, the "pastoral mode", "beautiful homeland", "beautiful countryside", and the "Benefit the region and people" work of the elderly, education and health reform have been further promoted.

With a beautiful vision, we ushered in 2017. The people look forward to new year's new ambience and new year's new progress. We will be in accordance with the goal of building the "livable modern urban area ", Adhere to the principle of seeking progress while maintaining stability, breaking the bottleneck, make up the short board, strong co-ordination, improve people's livelihood, and strive to build a booming strength, innovation, harmony, vitality,green charmand happiness awesomeMinhang, let the people have moresense ofgain in the co-construction and sharing .

"One hundred rivalry, struggling first". Standing at a new starting point, we must unite closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, underthe strong leadership of the municipal Party committee, municipal government and district, overcome difficulties, forge ahead, and draw up the development of a new picture, to write a new chapter in harmonytogether.

Finally, I sincerely wish all the people happy new year, good health, happiness and good luck in everything!

Thank you all.