By the end of 2011, the district had 273 middle schools, primary schools, kindergartens, secondary vocational schools,

reformatory schools and schools for special education. There were a total of 179,700 students with 19,000 faculty members, of which, 13,100 were full-time teachers. A total of 99.2 percent of the children between three and six years old

could attend kindergarten. All children were offered the opportunity to receive nine years of compulsory education and

96 percent of graduates from junior high schools were able to enter senior high schools. A total of 2.373 billion yuan

of the district’s financial revenue was invested into education, up 11.2 percent from a year earlier. In addition, the district has two education training centers for adults, one community college, 13 community schools, a college for

seniors and a college of further education.

The district introduced good education resources. A number of projects like the Zizhu campus of No.2 Secondary School

Attached to East China Normal University, the Meilong campus of Shanghai No.2 High School, the Minhang International

Studies School affiliated to Shanghai International Studies University, the Pujiang campus of the High School Attached

to Shanghai Normal University and Pujiang kindergarten of the China Welfare Foundation were progressing smoothly. A

model city-level kindergarten and five top-level kindergartens were built.

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