The district largely built an urban-oriented style of agriculture, featuring “one zone, two wings and multiple spots

”. As a result, grain production was stable, cash crops thrived and animal husbandry was under effective control.One zone refers to the municipal modern agricultural zone in Pujiang Town. Two wings refer to the farming cultural park in Maqiao and the urban-oriented farming park in Huacao. Multiple spots refer to the fast-urbanizing towns like

Zhuanqiao, Meilong, and Wujing, which have built bases for facility agriculture.

In 2011, the district finished the construction of 4,185 mu of new facility-equipped grain fields and built one city-level vegetable garden. Ten agricultural cooperatives were added, bringing the total to 82. Among them, 14 are model agricultural cooperatives at or above district level. The district achieved a mass production rate of 74 percent. The grain coverage in the year reached 25,100 mu, with an output of 13,200 tons. Among them, the coverage of single crop rice reached 19,200 mu, with each mu yielding 5.85 kilograms of rice on average, an increase of 4.43 kilograms from a year earlier. The average yield was a record high and increased for the fourth straight year. By the end of 2011, new agrarian land construction in the district amounted to 296 hectares, with total agricultural land construction standing at 1,438 hectares.

In 2011, the district continued accelerating the development of ecological and recyclable agriculture, and it built 620 mu plots of land for an ecological planting and breeding base of rice, duck and fish. It produced 39,700 pigs, 1,302 tons of fresh milk, and 564 tons of aquatic products.

The facilities of a number of agricultural tourist attractions had been further improved. They include Urban Agricultural Park, Haisha Ecological Farm and Shanghai Beiqiao International Horticultural Exposition Garden. At present, the district has opened 13 agricultural tourist spots. They received a total of 1.26 million visitors through the year, earning 55.06 million yuan in revenue.

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