The district enhanced scientific and technological innovation to boost its role in improving business and society. In 2011, the district had 13,800 patent applications, of which 4,446, or 32.3 percent, involved inventions. There were 7,264 patent authorizations, among which 1,393 involved inventions, the most in the city. Through the year, nine projects were approved as new national-level key products, five listed at “lighted torch plan,” which targets high-tech industry,

and 43 listed as national technological innovation projects for small and medium enterprises. A total of 55 projects received innovation funds, and there were 64 high-tech achievement commercialization projects. Eleven projects were crowned

as the best 100 high-tech achievement commercialization projects in Shanghai and two listed as top 10 self-innovation

projects. There were also projects that won second prizes in the 2010 national science and technology progress award, thenational natural science award and state technological invention award. At the municipal level, the figure was 23, four and six, respectively.

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