1. To set up 15 pilot Beautiful Villages.  

2. To complete construction of 30 Beautiful Homeland demonstration communities.

3. To complete the renovation of rainwater and sewage facilities in old communities of 1.5 million square meters.  

4. To connect 10 unconnected roads.  

5. To build and renovate 6,000 parking spaces.

6. To construct ecological fitness paths of 20 kilometers and install road lamps on fitness paths of 15 kilometers which has been put into use.  

7. To add 20 neighborhood centers.

8. To construct 6 comprehensive senior care service centers in communities and renovate 3 nursing areas for mentally and physically disabled seniors.

9. To add 10 high-performance ambulances with equipment onboard.

10. To open 45 non-profit summer vacation nursery classes for primary school students.

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