The 5th People’s Hospital of Shanghai, Fudan University, covering an area of 86 mu and the floorage of 58,000 square meters, was a secondary grade A comprehensive hospital. Established in 1904 and relocated to Minhang in 1960, the hospital is affiliated to Fudan University now. With over 800 beds, it receives over 0.8 million person times in out-patient and emergency departments as well as over 17,000 person times of in-patients. Among its 1,100-plus staff, there are over 900 professional technical staff, including 128 persons holding the intermediate and senior professional titles as well as 51 persons holding the master degrees and doctor’s degrees. Besides, 6 persons are enlisted as the municipal training objects. The hospital undertakes the educational task of over 300 students of 7 majors in 5 higher educational institutions. It has 7 training centers for master degree candidates, with 10 supervisors for graduates and 1 supervisor for Ph. D. students. The hospital receives the research funds of over RMB1 million every year.

Among the hospital’s 38 clinical and medical technology departments, the department of urinary surgery and the department of traditional Chinese therapy for bronchitis are the municipal specialized departments, while 10 departments including cardiology, respiratory diseases and neurosurgery are the district specialized departments. Its neurosurgery department is the branch of Huashan Neurosurgery (Group) Hospital.

Out-patient service hours:

8:00-16:45 (Monday-Friday)

8:00-12:00 (Saturday and Sunday)

Specialist out-patient service hours:

8:30-12:00; 13:30-16:45

Measures for the convenience of the people:

The hospital provides the out-patient services every day and the emergency treatment 24 hours a day. “Green Channel” is open to severely ill patients. Telephone reservation registration service is provided. Three priority services are offered for the senior citizens above 70 and the soldiers. Wheelchairs and other facilities are equipped at the out-patient and emergency departments.

Telephone: 64308151 (telephone exchange)

Address: 128 Ruili Road, Minhang District, Shanghai

Zip code: 200240

Transport: Take Metro Line 5 to get off at Jinping Road Station or Xinhe Line, Minhong Line and Minma Line to get off at the 5th People’s Hospital stop.
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