Located at 829 B Wuzhong Road (in Hongqiao Town), Shanghai, Minhang Dental Clinic is the only specialized clinic for stomatology in the district, with the floorage of 2,300 square meters. The clinic has professional staff and complete facilities according to the standards set for a secondary special hospital. It strengthens the stomatosis prevention and dental care for the aged, children and adolescents by adopting the appropriate technologies of prevention and control of stomatosis. Besides, it actively advocates a new and healthy model of dental care and gradually establishes a dental health and care service system in Minhang, in a bid to improve the dental health level.

The clinic now has 80 dentists, including 3 with senior professional titles and 10 with intermediate professional titles. With general and special outpatient services, it has such departments as oral medicine, oral surgery, oral prosthesis, orthodontics, dental prevention and care, etc. Besides, it provides the regular services of tooth extraction, tooth filling, dental prosthetics, dental restoration and dental care, etc., the special projects of functional restoration of children’s teeth, orthodontic treatment to adolescents’ teeth, etc. as well as the comprehensive treatment to all kinds of periodontal diseases. Gumei Dental Clinic (at 668 Longming Road, Minhang District, inside Gumei Community Health Service Center) is set up under Minhang Dental Clinic.

Service hours: 08:00 to 20:00 (busy all year round)

Telephone: 64066638 (telephone exchange), 64014966 and 64067508
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