Minhang District Woman-Children Health Care Hospital, a non-profit medical treatment and care organization owned by the whole people, integrates medical treatment, health care and prevention and specializes in health care for women and children as well as family planning.

The hospital, with the floorage of 1,309 square meters and receiving over 10,608 times of outpatients annually, has the primary departments such as women’s health care, children’s health care, gynecology, pediatrics, clinical laboratory, radiology, type-B ultrasonic testing and pharmacy. Its businesses cover medical treatment for women and children, health care management, information management, health education, scientific research management and teaching management. The hospital also actively provides relevant services such as female employee health care, premarital care, perinatal care, prenatal and postnatal care, nutrition guidance for pregnant women and children, systematic health care for children (eye, hearing and oral care), systematic health care for pregnant and puerperal women, infant swimming and touch training, early education and psychological health care for the children. As a medical insurance contracted hospital, it also offers training for the newly weds, pregnant women and parents. At present, the hospital has 46 professionals, including 2 chief physicians, 19 staff with intermediate professional titles and 1 with the master degree.

The hospital provides services in line with the principle of “improving services constantly”. The Minhang District Marriage Management Division provides the shuttle buses for those of marriageable age to take the free pre-marriage check-ups. Besides, the children coming for physical examination may experience the early education activities for free at the complete early education site. The hospital also provides priority services for the senior citizens above 70. Its nursery room and lounge provide convenience for nursing and resting.

Out-patient service hours:

General out-patient services:

8:00-16:00 (Monday-Friday)

8:00-11:00 (Saturday)

Specialist out-patient services:

1. Children’s nutrition by Chief Physician Li Li

8:00-11:00 every Thursday

2. Prevention and cure of children’s digestive tract diseases by Chief Physician Xiao Liping

8:00-11:00 every Friday

3. Children’s eye care by Associate Chief Physician Cao Shubao

8:00-15:00 every Tuesday

Minhang District Woman-Children Health Care Hospital

Address: 805 Gudai Road

Telephone: 54800909

Fax: 54800909

Transport: Metro Lines 1 and 5 (Xinzhuang Station), Xumin (Special) Line, Xinxian Line, Huxin Line, Xinlu Special Line, Xinbei Special Line, Bus Nos. 712, 747, 753, 763, 704 (B), 91, etc.
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