Till October 2017, Minhang District has signed friendly exchange agreements or memorandums with Omura (Japan), Terneuzen (Netherlands), Songpa Gu (Seoul, Korea), Aubervilliers (France) and Leoben (Austria), and Maqiao Town has established friendly relations with Okahandja (Namibia). The detailed information is as follow:


I. Omura (Japan)


Omura is in central Nagasaki Ken, Japan, and is one of the 13 cities of Nagasaki. It covers an area of 126.34km2 and has the population of about 93,400. The 1st offshore airport in the world – Nagasaki Airport was completed in Omura in 1975, making Omura easily accessed by sea, land and air. Omura enjoys a developed ecological agriculture and sightseeing industry, and it is the birthplace of the motorboat event in Japan. Omura has focused on the construction of hi-tech parks and business areas in recent years and has attracted the investment of many famous enterprises.


The former Shanghai County established friendly exchange and cooperation relations with Omura in 1984; and Minhang District has continued the good exchange and cooperation relations with Omura since it was set up in 1993.


II. Terneuzen (Netherlands)


Terneuzen is in Zealand Province southwest of the Netherlands. With an area of about 370km2 and the population of about 55,000, it is the 3rd largest port city in the Netherlands after Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Terneuzen has become the strategic port in a waterway to the present Ghent (Belgium) since 1325, and the “Ghent-Terneuzen Canal” is still an important port of the shopping routes.


Minhang and Terneuzen signed a Letter of Intent of Establishing Sister City Relations in April 2008.


III. Songpa Gu (Seoul, Korea)


Songpa Gu, a district of Seoul in Korea, locates at the south shore of Han River. It covers an area of 33.89km2 and has the population of over 665,000. Songpa is the place of Wiryeseong, the capital of the ancient kingdom Baekje of Korean Peninsula, and there are many historical relics left behind from the Baekje period. The Olympic Village and many competition and training venues of the 1988 Summer Olympic Games are in Songpa Gu.


Minhang and Songpa Gu signed a Letter of Intent of Friendly Exchanges in May 2009.


IV. Aubervilliers (France)


Aubervilliers is in Seine-Saint-Denis, a province in the northeast of Paris, and is 30-minute drive away from central Paris. It covers an area of 5.76km2 and has the population of 72,300. Aubervilliers was once an industrial city and has made a successful industrial transformation in recent years. Overseas Chinese have set up hundreds of wholesale shops of Chinese goods there, making it an important area of Chinese export trade with Europe.


Minhang and Aubervilliers signed a Letter of Intent of Friendly Exchanges and Cooperation in July 2009.


V. Leoben (Austria)


Leoben is the 2nd largest city of Steiermark, Austria, and is one of the most ancient cities in Austria with a history of over 1,100 years. It covers an area of 107km2 and has the population of 27,000. And 79% of its geographical area is covered by forest.


Leoben has been reputed the University Town and the most popular university in Austria, Leoben Mining University (Montanuniversität Leoben), locates there. Leoben is economically developed and is dominated by advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry. With the high per capita income and the developed cultural industry, Leoben is the cultural and economic center of Steiermark.


Minhang and Leoben signed the Memorandum of Friendly Exchange and Cooperation in August 2016.


VI. Okahandja (Namibia)


Okahandja is in Otjozondjupa Province of Namibia. It covers an area of 9,800 hectares and has the population of about 20,000, among which 5% are German-Namibians. With hills around, river running through, fertile land and luxuriant trees, Okahandja is the best place of horse riding and fishing for Namibians.


Samuel Nujoma, the then president of the Republic of Namibia, visited Maqiao Town in Minhang District during his visit in China upon invitation in October 1996. Nujoma proposed the idea of establishing sister relations between Maqiao and Okahandja. Afterwards, Namibia has made this suggestion for several times through its Embassy in China, and the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries has given special approval to the establishment of friendly relations between the two sides.


Maqiao and Okahandja signed the Friendly Town-City Relationship Agreement in December 1998.


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