Minhang District Archives (Museum) was former Shanghai County, Minhang District Archives (Museum) built into one from two in 1993.The Information Hall is located in the second floor in the Archives , equipped with paper files reading area, electronic document reading area, confidential files reading area, government public information accessing ,dealing area and other functional areas. Its major function is to offer people with the information about government public letters, government gazettes, marriage certifications, land estates, urban developments, one-child policy, side support of educated youths, military histories and other living files. It provides the experts and scholars with the history of policy, economy, culture, science, education, as well as offers from the estates institutions of Minghang District with various types of work references. The files in Minhang District Archives are divided into the 3 major parts ¬¬--Shanghai County, original Minhang District and Developing Minhang District owns a total of 284 fonds, 223,057 volumes. Many of these files mainly reflect the Shanghai County Republican Party, government, military, police, real estate, finance and other aspects of material in the period of the republic of China; the history of theoriginal Shanghai County, former Minhang District and the Minhang District’s new party and government organs after the settle of the nation and the files of the cultural and educational systems in functioning of the activities for a variety of categories and the archival materials.
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