The “little waistcoats” that are helping Minhang Police maintain traffic order or placing shared bikes in order can been seen everywhere on the streets and at street corners. They are all volunteers. Have you seen volunteers in colorful waistcoats in a residential quarter? Such colorful figures can be seen in one Neighborhood Community in Minpu of Pujiang Town and they perform various voluntary services for residents in the community. Let’s take a look!

5-Color Service Teams, 5-Day Voluntary Tasks


The Red Party Member Service Team, the Orange Save Service Team, the Yellow Constructing Service Team, the Green Convenience Service Team, the Blue Corridor Service Team, these 5 teams in 5 colors have expanded the volunteer teams and also enriched the service contents. They have performed their own duties in community during the “5-Color Service Team, 5-Day Voluntary Tasks” activity.

Blue Corridor Service Team – mainly assisting resident assistant in discovering, reporting and inspecting such uncivilized behaviors as pile-up in corridors, mass renting, residence for non-residential use and high toss; and making every Monday as the Corridor Family Day to offer services, discuss affairs, and organize family activities by combining with the self-governance work in corridors.

Red Party Member Service Team – mainly cooperating with the Neighborhood Committee in carrying out Red voluntary service; organizing Party member voluntary services on “July 1”; well guiding activists of Party application; and carrying out Party Member Service Day activity every two months.

Orange Safe Service Team – patrolling in the community everyday to play the klaxon; investigating and reporting potential safety hazards; taking part in mediation; publicizing safety knowledge every month; and making the mid-to-late days of every month as Safe Days.

Yellow Constructing Service Team – cooperating with the Neighborhood Committee in constructing a National Civilized City; protecting the community environment; and carrying out constructing activities every two weeks to publicize relevant information on constructing a “National Civilized City” and a Civilized Town to residents.

Minhang has stressed the “Learn-from-Lei Feng” voluntary services since it started to construct a National Civilized City in 2015, including these 5-color voluntary service teams in Pujiang, the “Protecting Mother River” voluntary action of Wujing Town, the “Lubinghua” family education voluntary service, and the “Home Appliance Repair” convenience service in communities. All these voluntary services are near us. Till June, 2017, there are over 370,000 volunteers in Minhang to advance the civilized level of Minhang with their voluntary spirit of “dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress”. Min Min believes that in such an environment immersed in voluntary services, civilized Minhang “New Landmarks” constructed by the love and dedication of volunteers will emerge one after another, forming unique scenery in Minhang.


Source: Minhang District Portal Management Center


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