On January 18, 2017 International Communication and Cooperation Seminar for Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship was held in Minhang;

On April 27, “Yangtze River Delta Auto Economy Forum” was opened in Minhang;

From January to April, 4 Minhang enterprises – “Pure Technology”, “Queclink”, “Zhizheng Stock” and “Moon’s Appliances” have been successfully listed...

From January to April, 2017, we can notice from the various economic summits and the successful listing of enterprises that Minhang’s economy is developing vigorously. What achievements have Minhang made in its economic field? Let’s take a look –

According to statistics from Minhang District Statistics Bureau, from January to April, Minhang has witnessed a steady economic operation, good growth in fiscal taxation, stable industrial production, steady growth in market consumption, and a good prospect in export.

Good Growth in Fiscal Taxation:

General Financial Revenue: RMB33.01 Billion

Year-on-year Growth: 10.0%

Ratio of Completing Annual Plan: 45.0%

Tax Revenue: RMB31.747 Billion

Year-on-year Growth: 10.7%

Stable Industrial Production:

Total Industrial Output Value: RMB13.412 Billion

Year-on-year Growth: 1.8%

Total Industrial Output Value by Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size: RMB95.638 Billion

Year-on-year Growth: 2.1%

In particular, rapid growth has been seen in the output value of a group of key enterprises in Minhang. 18 enterprises have achieved growth in their output value and realized the total industrial output value of RMB27.246 billion, up by 26.6% year-on-year. Enterprises with rapid output growth include Shanghai Electric Power Generation Equipment Co., Ltd., Inventec Appliances (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., Shanghai Huayi Energy Chemical Co., Ltd. and Daikin Air Conditioning (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Stable Industrial Production:

Total Output Value of Key Industrial Fields: RMB54.891 Billion

Year-on-year Growth: 4.7%

Communication Equipment, Computer & Other Electronic Equipment Manufacturing

Total Output Value: RMB17.331 Billion

Year-on-year Growth: 1.8%

General Equipment Manufacturing

Total Output Value: RMB18.017 Billion

Year-on-year Growth: 5.2%

Electric Equipment & Machinery Manufacturing

Total Output Value: RMB9.532 Billion

Year-on-year Growth: 8.4%

Chemical Materials & Products Manufacturing

Total Output Value: RMB10.011 Billion

Year-on-year Growth: 5.7%

From January to April, Minhang has achieved the total retail sales of consumer goods of RMB29.933 billion, up by 3.0% year-on-year:

Stable Growth in Consumer Goods Market:

Total Retail Sales of Consumer Goods of Accommodation & Catering Industry: RMB3.327 Billion

Year-on-year Growth: 7.2%

Total Retail Sales of Consumer Goods of Wholesale and Retail Sales: RMB26.606 Billion

Year-on-year Growth: 2.5%

It is learnt that Minhang has realized the total export-import volume of RMB44.622 billion, up by 8.5% year-on-year from January to March. Judging from the export growth in the 1st 3 months, foreign trade export has maintained growth for 3 consecutive months with 4.0% in January, 2.7% in February and 6.9% in March. The settled foreign capital in Minhang was RMB48 million from January to March; and the contracted foreign capital was RMB926 million from January to April.

Growth for 3 Consecutive Months in Foreign Export Trade:

Total Import Volume from January to March: RMB21.206 Billion

Year-on-year Growth: 10.3%

Total Export Volume from January to March: RMB23.416 Billion

Year-on-year Growth: 6.9%

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