What chemical reaction will be triggered when “Great Zizhu”, “Eagle Plan”, “neoBay”, “Davos Community”, “Great Pujiang” gather together? Are you curious about that?

There is such a youth entrepreneurship club that gathers these 5 elements in Minhang. Let’s see what a huge energy on innovation and entrepreneurship will burst out.

Popular Entrepreneurship Showing Youthful Demeanor, Popular Innovation Creating Minhang Features


2017 is the 3rd year after the proposal of Shanghai No. 1 Topic “Constructing A Technology Innovation Center of Global Influence” in 2015, the 2nd year of the CPC Minhang District Committee and Minhang Government putting forward the idea of constructing “Great Zizhu Innovation and Entrepreneurship Corridor” and building the core area of Shanghai Southern Technology Innovation Center, and also the 3rd year of the establishment of Minhang Youth Entrepreneurship Club (MYEC).


MYEC, by focusing on gathering young talents, aims at encouraging young people to respond to “popular innovation and entrepreneurship”, fully stimulating them to dare to be the first, make research and walk in the forefront of the times and innovation, and striving to build the core area for Shanghai Southern Technology Innovation Center.


The MYEC was founded in 2015 to cultivate young innovative and entrepreneurial talents. It has gathered a group of young people born in the 1980s and 1990s, excavated a group of excellent entrepreneurship experts and instructors, and nurtured a group of young innovation and entrepreneurship talents through the cultivation of “Eagle Plan”. Meanwhile, it has set up many entrepreneurial platforms and offered assistant cultivation through Youth Center, Youth Home and cross-border exchange and communication.


The 2017 MYEC Forum was held at Zizhu Audio-visual Center today.

This year, MYEC will include more international elements, continue to cultivate young talents, and assist entrepreneurs in stepping into a higher international platform. It will focus on the newly-established 5 committees to promote the development of the innovation and entrepreneurship field with Minhang characteristics and allow various innovation and entrepreneurship teams to obtain more opportunities and support, absorb more sunshine and raindrop and gradually grow into a towering tree.

5 Committees + 6 Annual Activities

Giving Overall Consideration to Innovation and Entrepreneurship


It is learnt that the MYEC consists of 5 committees -- “Great Zizhu”, “Eagle Plan”, “neoBay”, “Davos Community” and “Great Pujiang”.

MYEC will focus on 6 activities -- the Marketplace Live International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Capacity Training Camp, the Davos Sharing Meeting, the Custom-made Innovation and Entrepreneurship Tutoring, the Point-to-point Service of Business Attracting Center, the Mutual Visit Activity and the Construction of Multiple Publicity Platforms to develop the young entrepreneurial talent work in depth and breadth. What do these 6 activities include? Let’s take a look --

Simultaneously Promoting 6 Activities

Developing Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Depth and Breadth


I. Marketplace Live International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Capacity Training Camp

With an aim of “enhancing capacity, exchanging experience and innovating cooperation”, it will introduce the Marketplace Live entrepreneurial course from American business schools to solve various problems on innovation and entrepreneurship, fully enhance the entrepreneurial practice of participated enterprises and trainees, expand their horizon, and enhance their innovation and entrepreneurship capacity through simulated business practice. The practical training will help small and medium-sized enterprises to get improved in terms of their market survey, SWOT analysis, entrepreneurial orientation, middle or short term plan, cash flow management, input and output efficiency analysis, and cost reduction and profitability improving, thus further boosting their innovative development. Having completed corresponding training as scheduled, trainees will be granted Marketplace Live Junior Certificate by The University of Tennessee.


II. Davos Sharing Meeting

World Economic Forum (Davos Forum) is an unofficial international institute aiming at researching and discussing problems in the world economic field and promoting international economic cooperation and communication. Young leaders at the sharing meeting are mainly between 20 and 30 years old. They are full of wit, have a strong sense of mission, come from all walks of life and have achieved great results in their fields. And they have committed themselves to contributing to the community development and shown great potential in leading the future society.


III. Custom-made Innovation and Entrepreneurship Tutoring

This is a professional think tank service for entrepreneurs and also a special service targeted to entrepreneurs that have passed the preliminary stage of their enterprises. Meanwhile, it is also an emerging studying, communicating and social pattern for entrepreneurs, which has perfectly combined the executive coaching, mobile learning and in-depth social contact. Its core lies in gathering the wisdom of entrepreneurs of various industries and solving the relatively complicated but practical problems in corporate operation and management.


IV. Point-to-point Service of Business Attracting Center

It will make clear the direction of business and investment attracting and stress the business attracting of technology innovation field, of key industries and on policy advantage. It will give full play to the publicity superiority of league construction, make use of the innovation and entrepreneurship annual meeting to serve as an exchange platform for business attracting, and make use of municipal and district platforms to carry out business attracting services. It will take the initiative to connect with enterprises of investment intention, hold the exchange conference of exquisite innovation and entrepreneurship programs, strengthen the efforts on publicizing policies on business and investment attracting, and assist in targeted business attracting and industry chain business attracting.


V. Mutual Visit Activity

Mutual visits can help members of each committee to strengthen the awareness of studying and learning from each other, further intensify mutual understanding and cooperation, and learn from the advanced corporate management ideas of others, thus allowing member enterprises to make progress together and further realizing the sharing of entrepreneurial experiences and the connection of entrepreneurial resources. Through group development of “innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises”, the mutual visit activity is to be built into a self-communication platform and link for “innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises”.

VI. Construction of Multiple Publicity Platforms

Since the founding of MYEC, it has produced the “Voice of Entrepreneurship” of young talents at the Zizhu Road Show Center of “people.cn” to be promoted at the Shanghai Innovation Column of people.cn and it has been clicked by 6 million times. The “Yueke” program of Yicai Radio of Shanghai East Radio was awarded 1st prize of the 11th “Orient Imagination” Global Chinese Innovative Radio Programs. “Yueke” is a person interview program focusing on the entrepreneurial stories of urban venture circles and the innovative projects. And it has been successfully held for 6 consecutive sessions.

Outstanding innovation and entrepreneurship teams are like a bright name card of Minhang. It is believed that, under the continuous progress of Minhang’s technology innovation undertaking, each team will be cultivated into the leaders of innovation and entrepreneurship and make every activity with its own characteristics, thus letting the influence of Minhang’s innovation and entrepreneurship continue to ferment.

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