With the population increasing and the people's living standards improved in the of Minhang District, the number of the private cars is on the rise constantly and the citizens’ demand for parking spaces is expanding. According to the sources, in 2016 Minhang District newly built about 24,221 parking spaces, and this year, another 30,000 parking spaces will be added and improved in the district. Then, do you know where are the public parking spaces added last year, and which places will be developed into the parking spaces this year? In addition, what changes will take place to the parking management modes?

In 2016, which parking spaces were added in Minhang?


Construction of new parking spaces. A total of 8 independent public parking lots (garages) were newly built, with 2,448 parking spaces added; a total of 11 supporting parking lots (garages) were opened to the public conditionally, with 3,983 parking spaces added; 2 parking lots under viaducts were put into use, with 221 parking spaces added.
Tapping into potentials. We tapped into the potentials at 58 communities with 6,308 parking spaces added in the whole year; the potential was exploited at Maqiao Community Health Service Center, with 88 parking spaces added; 20 civil air defense works designed as garages were newly added.
Sharing in different periods. The Bijiang Square in Jiangchuan area was persuaded to provide 110 parking spaces for the Fifth People’s Hospital nearby, with 150 parking spaces in the hospital newly opened to the patients; the Dongyuan Libao Square in Xinzhuang Town was persuaded to offer nearly 80 parking lots to the patients at Minhang Central Hospital; the parking lot of Shanghai Science & Technology Park of ECUST was persuaded to provide the residents at the surrounding old neighborhoods with over 30 parking spaces in the night hours; the road parking spaces were set for different hours on the 6 roads such as West Meilong Road, Nanfu Road and Chengxiang Road, with 300 parking spaces added in specific hours and at night.


Rationally adding road parking lots. Another 16 road parking lots were approved, with 738 parking spaces added; 3 road parking lots were adjusted, involving 106 road parking spaces; 3 road parking lots were cancelled, with 60 parking spaces involved.

In 2017, Minhang District will develop these places into parking spaces:

The parking facilities will be built at the scattered vacant space and the temporary idle space vacated in the campaign of “tackling the 5 major violations”;
The parking spaces will be added at the greenbelts, civil air defense works, viaducts, bridges and tunnels and other facilities;
The potentials of parking spaces will be exploited at the residential areas by taking the opportunity of the campaign of “beautiful home”, with “one plan for one community” to be made;
And the shared parking spaces in different hours will be implemented with shared parking spaces to be added, so as to ease the “parking problem” at the old neighborhoods.

Now, let’s take Pingyang Sancun Residential Quarter in Gumei Road Sub-district for example and see how the old community “vacated” the space to activate the parking spaces. 


Located at Lane 1700, Hongxin Road, the No. 3 Pingyang Village Community boasts 852 households of residents and nearly 60,000 square meters of floor area for the buildings. As it is an old community completed in the 1990s, the roads are narrow with no fixed parking lot. Therefore, the cars have to park on both sides of the roads, and quite a few car owners have to directly park the cars in the greenbelts, resulting in serious damage to the greenery and blocked traffic on roads. In emergencies, the ambulances and fire engines would be unable to reach the buildings. With many residents reporting the situation, it is urgent to widen the roads.

After utilizing the unoccupied space in the community, transforming the greenbelts, keeping the randomly parking non-motor vehicles in order and dealing with the abandoned cars occupying the parking resources, a total of 204 parking spaces have been added at the community, marking a good start for the construction of the “beautiful home” at the district.



Looking at the neat parking spaces, the residents were delighted, saying that it was really an initiative benefiting themselves and other people and promising to take care of the community and protecting the hard-won transformation results.

In addition to Gumei Road Sub-district, other sub-districts have spared no efforts in adding and improving the parking spaces.

So far this year, Xinzhuang has added the temporary (night) parking road sections on the south side of Baochun Road (Shuiqing Road – Hengligang Bridge), the Outer Ring Road (Xintan Road extending northward to the end), Tengchong Road (Puer Road, idle space at the entrance to Kaicheng New Village), and some sections on Li’an Road (transformation of Beautiful Home); 37 parking spaces have been coordinated and implemented at the private parking lot on the greenbelt east of Qixin Road and south of Huhang Expressway, coupled with 200 parking spaces at the Baoyan main parking lot (garage) on Chunshen Road.

Jiangchuan Road Sub-district has utilized the parking resources on 19 roads around the neighborhoods such as Lanping Road, Huaping Road, Xinmin Road and Fengqing Road to set 934 temporary parking spaces in fixed periods; the sub-district has provided the employees of No. 5 Hospital with 200 parking spaces shared for different hours at the cost of RMB150 / car / month by making use of the Bijiang Square parking lot in non-peak hours; the potentials have been exploited at 56 neighborhoods, with about 1,300 parking spaces expected to be added.


Pujiang Town has added 300 parking spaces at Xingda Road parking lot (north of Shendu Highway and west of Xingda Road); another 350 parking spaces have been added at Lianhang Road parking lot (west of Hengnan Road and south of Lianhang Road).


Another 450 parking spaces have been set at No. 2 Shenxin Village in Xinzhuang Industry Park.


A total of 110 parking spaces have been arranged at the Yindu Ludi parking lot at Yindu light rail Line 5 station on Humin Road.

In fact, there are more parking spaces than the abovementioned that will be added and improved in Minhang. According to the sources, the parking problem has been relieved in quite a few places in Minhang, such as the areas around the schools, the business districts, the scenic spots and the transformed old neighborhoods. However, Minhang will continue to focus on the static traffic construction and administration, improve the efficiency of the static traffic services, strive to tackle the “parking problem” and provide the residents with a better parking environment.

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