Safe and convenient traffic is an important manifestation of a city’s competitiveness, the necessity of an ecological and livable city, and also the ardent wish of the general public.

Fully completing major projects and actively promoting the get-through of “dead-end roads”

 The progress of the 12 district-district roads and the 58 dead-end roads in Minhang is the topic concerned by Minhang residents. In Minhang District “13th Five-Year”, the 58 dead-end roads are planned to be get through and 30 are to be get through by the end of 2017. Till the end of October, 14 of the 58 dead-end roads have been completed; 25 have started construction; and 1 has been in the design stage. Among the 12 district-district connect roads, Chunshen Road has been completed and open to traffic; Hechuan Road, Jigao Road and Huilong Road are expected to be completed within 2017; Chenhang Highway, Jingdong Road, Jinghong Road, Huxing Road and Huaji Road have been in construction; and the rest three are under the early process and expected to start construction by the end of 2017.

Besides, Minhang is also promoting the construction of Kunyang Road Bridge Project, Luheng Road Cross-river Project and Puye Road Project. And the Kuyang Road Cross-river Project has been in construction and is expected to be completed in 2020.

Effect Picture of Kunyang Road Main Bridge

 Kunyang Road Cross-river Project starts from the crossing of Dongchuan Road and Kunyang Road in the north and connects with Puwei Highway Renovation Project in Fengxian District after crossing Huangpu River. After its completion, it would be the 5th channel for Minhang citizens to cross Huangpu River after Fengpu Bridge, Minpu Bridge, Minpu No. 2 Bridge and the Southern Extended Section of Metro Line 5, and will greatly improve the insufficient south-north traffic between Minhang and Fengxian.

Optimizing the layout of public transit network and accelerating public transport construction

Minhang has completed the public transit network optimizing this year. What’s more, Minhang District Transport Commission has studied the optimizing and adjustment for local public routes according to the proposals of the “2 Sessions (the session of the Minhang District People’s Congress and that of the CPPCC Minhang District Committee)” and the issues frequently occurred in petition, and it has newly opened 4 bus lines and optimized 11.

These 15 bus lines cover Zizhu International Educational Park, Xinzhuang Business District, Maqiao Great Residential Quarter, Pujiang Developing Base Great Residential Quarter (Yongkangcheng) and Junlianxincheng Great Residential Quarter, thus connecting with existing Metro lines, filling the gaps of Minhang public transport and guaranteeing the public transport of Zizhu, northern section of Hongqiao Business District and other areas. 

Optimizing & excavating parking resources and breaking through the bottleneck of parking management

 Static traffic management has been increasingly concerned by the society in recent years, and it has also become an important topic in the economic and social development of Minhang. Minhang has taken corresponding measures –

Optimizing parking resources. To resolve the conflict between the increasing parking demand of the residents and the uneven distribution of parking resources and insufficient parking resources in some areas, Minhang aims at optimizing 30,000 parking lots this year, and 22,499 have been completed. In particular, 14,177 supporting parking lots and 2,068 public parking lots have been newly added, 10 sharing points for parking at peak hours have been completed, 2,030 parking lots have been shared; and 4,224 potential parking lots have been newly excavated.

The parking area of Zhihuiyuan Business Building have engaged in shared parking at peak hours with 2 residential quarters – Tuanjiehuayuan and Xingzhong Apartment, thus relieving the parking pressure of surrounding residents at nigh.

A temporary parking ground with 40 parking lots has been newly opened in the space under S20 West Meilong Road Overpass, thus relieving the parking difficulty at the transfer of Waihuan Road Station.

Accelerating the construction of new energy charging piles. Minhang plans to construct 480 new energy charging piles in 2017 and currently it has promoted the construction of 749 pubic charging piles in 82 parking areas in the recorded public parking space bank.

Promoting smart parking. Minhang has continued to promote the informatization of parking charge along roads and advance the use of hand-held POS at 85 roads in Minhang. Till the end of November, POS electronic charging management has been realized at 90 roads, outperforming the task of 2017.

Renovating electronic charging systems at public parking areas (banks). The task of completing the online renovation of electronic charging systems for 45 public park areas in 2017 has been over-fulfilled in advance. Till the end of November, Minhang has completed the online renovation for 50 parking areas and the total number of renovated parking areas has reached 280, on the whole realizing the full-coverage of electronic charging system online renovation of all recorded public parking areas. 

Improving road traffic order for the convenience of citizen’s outing

To further standardize and strengthen the road facilities construction and management and earnestly realize the normal, standard and professional management on roads, Minhang has taken serious measures on road management by firmly adhering to the main development line of “Virtuous Minhang with Culture in Every Home” and by regarding traffic environment improvement as the stress.

Strengthening management efforts via scientific and technological means. Minhang has newly added 13 sets of “electronic police” shooting freight trains occupying passenger car exclusive lanes at S20 Outer Ring and 8 sets of “electronic police” shooting other vehicles occupying bus exclusive lanes at areas with bus exclusive lanes. Up till now, there are 1,155 sets of “electronic police” in Minhang (299 by Traffic Police Corp and 856 by its substations). According to the plan, the law-enforcement network with 1,200 sets of “electronic police” is to be completed by substations by the end of this year and the expansion from the shooting of single illegal behavior to that of several illegal behaviors will be realized through upgrading and transformation. Meanwhile, in the combination with “Peaceful Minhang” Construction, illegal traffic behavior shooting mode will be added to the high definition security cameras that will be installed later and some mobile “electronic police” will be established to further closely woven the “off-site” law enforcement network.

Implementing accurate management to keep optimizing road traffic organization. Basing on the existing road network, Minhang has further figured out the sections and points frequently suffering congestion and those with more accidents by screening and analyzing the “110” calls on traffic issues over past 3 years, and studied and formulated targeted measures to carry out accurate management given the actual outing demands of citizens. Up till now, Minhang has made engineering “little transform and renovation” like traffic channelization at 15 points, adjusted traffic signs and marking at 41 points, and newly added alarming traffic signs and isolation fence at 3 points, which have further optimized the traffic organization. And it has set up “yellow dotted line” – banning long time parking at 10 points and taxi calling points at 5 harbor-shaped bus stations, thus bringing convenience to citizens’ outing.

Xi Jinping clearly put forward the requirement of building a “powerful traffic nation” in the Report of the 19th CPC National Congress. In face of the new trend and new requirement of building a “powerful traffic nation” and a beautiful China in the Report, Minhang still has a long way to go. 2018 is the critical year of implementing the spirits of the 19th CPC National Congress and executing the “13th Five-Year” Plan. Minhang will further enhance the quality and efficiency, accelerate road construction and keep optimizing road network; it will promote the quality of public traffic service by orienting on the people and sticking to public traffic priority; it will realize the qualitative leap of static traffic by orienting on demands and supplementing the short slabs; and it will seek new chapter and new situation for traffic development by making integral development and highlighting plan and research, so as to strive ahead towards the target of constructing an ecological and livable modern urban area.

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