At the mention of Leonardo da Vinci, one would immediately think of his works “Mona Lisa” and “The Last Supper” and his verisimilar drawing skills have made them the gem in the history of art. But do you know that there is a model of robot for heart surgery in his manuscripts?

Performing an operation by a medical robot is safe and accurate, and more convenient. At present, medical robots, represented by the U.S. “Leonardo’s Robot”, have been widely used and Shanghai is to have its own medical robot soon.


Today, the Medical Robotics Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University is officially unveiled and established in the Minhang Campus of Shanghai Jiaotong University.


The Medical Robotics Institute is initiated by the School of Biomedical Engineering of Shanghai Jiaotong University and constituted by several disciplines including medicine, mechanical engineering, electronic information and electrical engineering, materials science and engineering, physics and astronomy and mathematical sciences. By centering on the key medical demands of “Health in China”, it will develop personalized, intelligent and minimal-invasive cutting-edge technologies in medical robotics, build a world’s 1st-class platform for the research and development and the results transformation of core technologies in medical robotics, create a featured strategic emerging industry of Minhang by fully integrating the innovation chain with the industry chain, thus supporting the construction of Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center with global influence.

3 Supports Assisting the Rapid Development of Smart Healthcare

 Minhang is to provide the Institute with the financial support of RMB250 million in the coming 3 years, thus offering the policy and financial support for the development of the smart healthcare industry and the industrial platform for the research achievements in medical robotics.


Financial Support: Minhang is to invest RMB250 million in the coming 3 years to assisting Shanghai Jiaotong University in constructing experiments and talent team, introducing the smart healthcare industry development foundation, and attracting social capital to the specific research programs of the Institute.

Platform Construction: Minhang is to prepare for the establishment of a Medical Robot Platform Company, settle the supporting incubation space in the Jiaotong University rim area, and plan to build a smart healthcare industry base to meet the requirements of program incubation and production of the medical robotics industry. It will also accelerate the public space renovation on the surrounding areas of Shanghai Jiaotong University, including Jianchuan Road and Cangyuan Area, and create the environment and atmosphere for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Policy Guarantee: Minhang is to solicit the supports of national and municipal policies, regard the medical robotics industry as the strategic emerging industry mainly cultivated in the “Zizhu Innovation and Entrepreneurial Corridor”, and gradually cultivate and develop industrial cluster. And it will research to formulate the action plan for the development of the bioengineering and pharmaceutical industry and issue relevant policies to facilitate the transformation and industrialization of the scientific and technological achievements in the medical robotics field.

Through the construction of the Institute, Minhang and Shanghai Jiaotong University will jointly construct a platform for the transformation of medical robotics achievements, promote the transfer and transformation and these achievements, and create an advanced manufacturing industry belt in “Zizhu Innovation and Entrepreneurial Corridor”.

District-University cooperation to jointly create a silicon valley

Minhang has been approved as the “National Scientific and Technological Achievements Transfer and Transformation Demonstration Area” in October 2017 and made new breakthrough in this field, which are the strategic arrangement for the construction of Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center with global influence, the important responsibility and mission undertaken by Minhang and also the core functions of constructing Minhang Science and Technology Innovation Center.

Lately, Minhang, as a “National Scientific and Technological Achievements Transfer and Transformation Demonstration Area”, has signed the 4th round of strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Jiaotong University and both sides are to deepen the cooperation in 19 programs of 5 major aspects, such as the construction of “Zizhu Innovation and Entrepreneurship Corridor” and the construction of National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration Base. They will further realize the mutual supplement and mutual benefits through all-round and multi-layer cooperation.

The joint construction of the Medical Robotics Institute of Minhang and Shanghai Jiaotong University is a key program of the new round of District-University Cooperation, and also an important measure of promoting the construction of the core area for Southern Science and Technology Innovation Center and the National Scientific and Technological Achievements Transfer and Transformation Demonstration Area.


3-Year Plan – independently researching and developing millimeter-level surgical robots and cultivating 5 medical robots start-ups (R&D centers)

6-Year Plan – realizing accurate micron-level surgery and constructing the Shanghai Southern International (Medical Robotics (Smart Healthcare) Industry” Ecological Cluster with global influence

9-Year Plan – achieving the nano to micro-nano level and constructing the medical robotics (smart healthcare) industry “Silicon Valley” with global reputation

According to the plan, the basic research of the Institute will be conducted in Shanghai Jiaotong University; the clinical research will be carried out in the 13 affiliated hospitals to Shanghai Jiaotong University; and the transformation platform, the complete medical robot ecological system, and the medical robotics industry chain will be established in Minhang. With these 3 spatial layouts, the Institute will strive to independently research and develop millimeter-level surgical robots in 3 years, realize accurate micron-level surgery in 6 years, and achieve the nano to micro-nano level in 9 years.

The establishment of the Institute marks the continuous strengthening and optimizing of the government-industry-university-research “medical innovation chain” in Minhang and also demonstrates the good vision of promoting new integration and realizing new development with Shanghai Jiaotong University, advancing the construction of the industrial transformation platform, and striving to build the “Jianchuan Road rim innovation and entrepreneurial corridor” into a world famous medical robotics (smart healthcare) industry “Silicon Valley”.

Jointly constructing and sharing to obtain the “bright pearl on top of the manufacturing industry”

 It is clearly pointed out in the “‘Health in China’ 2030 Plan” to “build the health industry into the national pillar industry” and it is also pointed out in the “Made in China 2025” to mainly develop the high-performance diagnosis and treatment like medical robot. Along with increasingly demand on health level in recent years, the demand on minimal-invasive, accurate and high-quality smart medical services has become huge. And the surgical robots representing security, accuracy and minimal invasion has been widely applied in clinical medicine.


Just as General Secretary Xi Jinping has proposed, robots are the “bright pearl on top of the manufacturing industry” and their research and development, manufacturing and application is an important standard measuring the science and technology innovation and high-end manufacturing level of a country.

At present, rapid development has been seen in the research and development of surgical robotics and the establishment of the Medical Robotics Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University will make new breakthrough in the smart healthcare of our country.

In the future, Minhang will, by taking the opportunity of advancing the National Scientific and Technological Achievements Transfer and Transformation Demonstration Area and focusing on the Medical Robotics Institute, further strengthen the District-University interaction and jointly facilitate new integration, new development and new future with Shanghai Jiaotong University with enterprising practice, thus make greater contributions to the construction of a science and technology innovation center with global influence.

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