Minhang opened Binjiang Park in Jiangchuan Area, its project phase, to the public on the National Day of 2016. Positioned as a public lawn, the park features traditional Chinese elements of drums, weaving and knitting craftsmanship and luminal arts. It has become a preferred place for nearby residents who express their favor and good comments to live, exercise and rest.



But the Park is only the initial success of Binjiang Green Lawn project. With the aim of addressing leftover problems concerning Mingpu Bridge and improving the living environment for residents, Minhang commences the project boasting convenient transportation, cultural leisure and entertainment and livable and eco-friendly environment. As for the transportation, it is divided into multiple subprojects concerning relocating ferry stations and building new bus hubs. The latter one stands as the top concern for Minhang residents, as its completion is decisive to whether they can enjoy travel convenience and gain satisfactory experience.


The main structure of traffic hub in Binjiang Park is completed.


Comprehensive Rendering of Binjiang, Minhang


The opening of the first phase of Binjiang Park is followed by residents’ feedback reporting the imperfect public transport facilities. Along Pujiang Road and even in the southern part of Minhang, there is a lack of major bus hubs, causing great troubles for residents and travelers. Moreover, with the implementation of the project, surrounding traffic will be in greater need.



Comprehensive Rendering of Binjiang, Minhang (The red square is where bus hub is located.)


Minhang is stepping up its construction of new transit hub in Binjiang to make up for the lack of bus hub station in its southern area and consummate the regional public transport facilities. Besides, efforts are being made to meet the demand of passenger travel by further elevating service level of public transportation system. 



Covering an area of 4,005 square meters, the new public transport hub in Binjiang is located in Jiangchuan Sub-district, Minhang, Shanghai, to the north of Pujiang Road and the east of Lanping Road. The entire plan contains the construction of terminal stations of 5 bus lines, 10 night parking lots and 140 non-motor vehicle parking lots together with other supporting facilities like bus station rooms and waiting corridors.



Workers are carrying building materials on construction site.


Cement stabilized macadam base is completed at Binjiang transport hub.


The basic structure of comprehensive station room for Binjiang transport hub takes shape.


Commenced in October, 2017, Binjiang transport hub project has finished the construction of comprehensive bus station’s houses, cement stabilized macadam base, garbage houses, waiting corridor structure and walls. The next stage is scheduled to conclude site concrete pouring, secondary structure building, inside and outside decorating of garbage houses as well as the installation of steel structure into waiting corridors.


Additionally, Minhang has another traffic hub being built in Zidong Road. It has just started in December 2017 and is planned to complete in the first half of 2018.



Minhang has started the building of Zidong Road traffic hub.


By means of improving the regional public facilities and integrating bus sources, Zidong Road traffic hub in Maqiao Town, Minhang will make a sustainable and high-efficient public transportation system to better meet the demand of public transit in the region.


With an area of 3,607 square meters, Zidong Road traffic hub is located at the eastern end of Zidong Road, Maqiao Town, to the north of Zidong Road and the east of green belt and Nu’er River. Its construction covers terminal stations of 3 bus lines, 11 night bus parking lots and other supporting facilities like bus station houses. After the completion, Minhang will optimize the relevant lines through extending them to Zidong Road traffic hub, thus better facilitating nearby residents’ daily travel.


On the way creating ecological and livable urban areas, we are making Minhang a place more beautiful and unobstructed. The new bus hub will fill the gap of public transport by perfecting facilities and boosting the service level of public transport in northern Minhang. Binjiang and Zidong Road bus hubs will be completed in the first half of next year. By then, residents in Jiangchuan and Maqiao will enjoy more convenient travelling. We are looking forward to the day coming!





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