On the evening of December 27, the 57th Minhang District Governor’s Online Working Activity was held. In an hour, netizens focused on education and transportation issues. Besides, “Beautiful Homeland” Project, medicare and residential property management problems also arouse heated discussion. District Governor and related government’s functional departments gave answers to these questions. Now, let us review what has been discussed in the District Governor’s Online Working Activity.




Education: Strengthening the introduction and cultivation of excellent teachers to guarantee the quantity of teachers and the quality of teaching


Education has always been the problem that concerned most parents. The Minhang District also paid much attention to the education issue. Lately the district enforced the “Trial Measures on Strengthening Introduction and Employment of Educational Talents in Minhang District”. Let us view the District Governor’s answers to the questions of establishing new schools and education quality raised by netizens.




Q1: Is Weiyu High School (Minhang Campus) junior high school or senior high school? Is it going to enroll new students in 2019? And will Tanyuan Junior High school enroll new students in 2018 or 2019?


A1: Weiyu High School is planned to be a junior high school. It is now in construction stage and will be finished in 2019. Tianyuan Foreign Language Junior High School will be set up in 2019.


Q2: The previous news has reported that Shanghai Experimental Primary School will be established in Tanjiagang Daju Residential Area. And now the residential communities have almost been finished and residents will move in. Lots of households relocated from the downtown concerned their children’s education problem and the school’s teaching quality. So please tell us, when will Shanghai Experimental Primary School be set up there?


A2: The primary school is a supporting school for the Tanjiagang Daju Residential Area, and the school’s running pattern has not been decided yet. The District Bureau of Education will make it a high standard and high quality school through cooperating internal forces and ushering in external forces.


Q3: Will No. 3 Primary School Affiliated to Shanghai Normal University located in Pujin Sub-district have grade 2 and 3 at the same time in 2018? Lots of people face the same situation like me that children’s primary schools are too far from home, so the kids have to get up very early and come back very late, which is very tough for kids. Besides, No. 3 Primary School Affiliated to Shanghai Normal University announced that it is high standard, then how does it guarantee the quantity and quality of teachers?


A3: The District Bureau of Education has received a lot of consultations about the school’s recruitment of students from grade 2 and above. We are still making the relevant plan and will publish after it is completed.


Transportation: South Hongmei Road Optimized, 18 Dead Lanes to be Connected with Other Roads in 2018


Transportation problem has always been a heated topic. Questions about “South Hongmei Road”, “Dead Lanes”, “Parking” were repeated by dwellers. How did the District Governor response to these questions?




Q1: Fanghe Road Ramp on the South Hongmei Road Overpass from north to south is loaded with heavy traffic. What’s worse, there is only one left-turn lane and the traffic light time is quite short. I hope the traffic department could set up one more left-turn lane or extend the traffic light time of turning left.


A1: We will require the Traffic Police Department to inspect the situation and modify the setting of the traffic light on Fanghe Road according to the traffic flow.


Q2: It is said that Pujiang Line of Shanghai Metro will begin operating, but there is nothing heard, why?


A2; The project is implemented by Shanghai Shentong Company. We were heard that the track structure was constructed and the testing trains were running. Because the project has adopted the new technology: rubber wheel rail, the difficulty is greater and it costs more time to debug the signals. Shanghai Municipal Transportation Department is researching the time for its soft operation. After that, Pujiang Line will be opened.


Q3: Is there any plan for the connection of dead roads?


A3: In 2018, 18 dead roads, including Dongchuan Road, Hongzhen Road, Zilong Road, Tonghai Road, Fanxing Road, Zhujian Road and so on, are planned to be built to connect with other roads.


Q4: At present, the night parking time of many parking lots is from 7:30pm to 7:20am. Can it be extended longer, from 7:00pm to 8:00 am?


A4: According to the Regulations of Shanghai Municipality on Road Traffic Control, the all day parking lots within the outer ring will gradually be decreased. As for your requirement, we will ask the district traffic police detachments, together with sub-districts, to work out a modification plans for parking. If the parking lots have to be adjusted, the district traffic police detachments need to submit applications to the Shanghai traffic police corps.


Q5: Recently, trees on Qixin Road(near Qibao) were all removed, I want to know what is it for? Is it for the expansion of Qixin Road? How long will it last? Will the trees removed be transplanted here again?


A5: According to the unified deployment of the district, after active preparation, an overhaul project of Qixin Road (Gudai Road to Huqingping Highway) is to be implemented in 2018. The predicted construction period is 2 years. There will be a new landscape plan.


Medical treatment: West Huashan Hospital to Launch Soft Operation in July 2018, Medical Insurance Available


For medical treatment, netizens’ focus was on the soft operation of West Huashan Hospital. Here, District Governor gives the authoritative answers.




Q: When will the hospital open? Is it a grade-3 first class public hospital? Could a medical insurance card be used in the hospital?


A: It plans to be operated in July 2018. It is a grade-3 first class hospital and a medical insurance card can be used here.


Beautiful Homeland: Find the right antidote, provide solutions to problems


After the “Beautiful Homeland” Project carried out, most of the residential communities’ living environmental conditions have been improved. But some netizens still have doubts and put up questions about their communities’ problems. Here are the responses of District Governor.




Q1: The reconstruction of No. 1 Dianji Residential Quarter has several problems. First, there is no construction instruction and the project’s content is unclear. Second, only the road between the community’s two entrances was paved with asphalt and other roads in the community were still the old uneven cement roads. When I ask the worker why not paving all roads with asphalt, I got the answer that there is not enough money. But in other communities, their roads were all asphalt roads. Third, some of the building’s flat top has been rebuilt to slope, but some remains flat. Besides, the colors of the outer walls are different and the outer walls of those flat top buildings are peeling and turning black, which is very ugly. Fourth, construction rubbish was piled up like small hills on the main road of our community.


A1: 1. It is verified that a nameplate was put up in No. 1 Dianji Residential Quarter on which construction projects are briefly introduced. 2. All the reconstruction projects were applied by the Owners Committee after consulting owners’ opinions and acquiring more than two thirds of the owners’ agreement. All the remained flat top buildings are the incomplete set of housings which has been included in the sub-district’s complete reconstruction plan. So they will be altered in the complete reconstruction project. 4. The district government has ordered the Jiangchuan Sub-district and the District Appearance Management Bureau to handle the construction waste promptly.


Q2: I am an owner of Haoshi Fenghuang Town located in lane 3536, Yindu Road, Zhuanqiao Town. Our community’s owners committee has just been established and the previous committee lost most materials, so we could not do the transition work, which affects the property’s management. We hope you can help us solve this problem. Please tell us when will you handle the transition problem of owners committee’s materials?


A2: On the evening of December 12, 2017, the Town Office of Housing Registration and Management and the neighborhood committee established a platform for the transition between former and present owners’ committee. If the former director of the owners’ committee were abroad and could not come back in time, which causes the shortage of related materials and the failure of transition, the Town Office of Housing Registration and Management together with the neighborhood committee will negotiate and communicate with the two parts after the former director comes back and establish the platform for the second transition.


Q3: The outer walls of Shibo Jiayuan Community are dilapidated, with many cracks and molds. The decoration trims are peeling. I wonder if the walls can be repainted in the “Beautiful Homeland” Project? The residents hope that the community’s appearance gets improved.


A3: The “Beautiful Homeland” Project of Shibo Jiayuan Community involves the construction of decoration trims on the outer walls, but the repainting of the outer walls is not included. So I suggest that the owners’ committee raise the proposal and if it is approved, you can use the maintenance fund to paint the walls.



The above is the selected hot topics. Apart from these topics, netizens also asked questions about community management, relocation and resettlement housing, environment improvement and so on. If you want to know more, please visit the Minhang District Government Website (, click the “District Governor Online Working Activity” button on the home page and check the record of the activity.


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