The freezing cold week is coming. Are you shivering while seeing the following dark purple color?


Cold wave is coming! Shanghai Meteorological Center released the blue warning for cold wave at 17:00 the day before yesterday: the lowest temperature in Shanghai is predicted to drop by 8-10 in the coming 48 hours as affected by the severe cold air moving southwards. The lowest temperature is around 1 with sheet ice in downtown area and it is -3 to -4 with frost in suburbs this morning.


What does it feel like when the temperature falls down by 10 in 48 hours? Let’s take a look at what Minhang looks like in the freezing mode.


All Minhang Departments have taken active measures against cold wave


The pipeline maintenance staffs of Minhang District Water Authority are wrapping up pipelines and clearing troubles at frontline.


Shinan Electric Power Company have arranged the urgent repair stations and persons on watch in advance and organized the special patrol at transformer substations, lines and cables to make sure the normal operation of all equipment and the stable supply of electric power.


Benefiting from the Brightness Program, the number of residential electricity consumption repair has declined dramatically compared with previous years. Urgent repair staffs set out 272 times on January 8 and most were to restore the electric power cut due to insufficient balance and deal with the switch trip due to the total power use of over 8kw. And the power supply has been restored 1 minute after relevant staffs arrived at site.


Minhang District Traffic Police would take necessary traffic control once identifying an icy road.


Minhang District Agricultural Commission has released a notice on intensifying the consolidation and cover of protective facilities for vegetable greenhouses and simple bamboo sheds and increasing the temperature inside the greenhouses to guarantee the vegetable growth. Look! The vegetables in Space Seeds Base have been well protected against cold.


To ensure the operation security of downtown areas, numerous workers of Minhang Construction Management Committee, Minhang Greening and City Appearance Administration, Minhang Housing Administration Bureau and Minhang Urban Construction Investment Company have been on duty with due diligence.


They are still at frontline in cold wave


Sanitation workers clean the roads and clear the rubbish in the daytime and continue to “beautify” the city at night. (In the picture, a sanitation worker is cleaning the mess on the road caused by a traffic accident.)


The passenger flow at the crossing of Shuiqing Road is huge in the morning peak. The traffic management assistants have to stand in the cold wind for nearly 2 hours from 7:00 in the morning every day to maintain the order of passengers and non-motor vehicles.


Doctor Liu Mei of Maqiao Community Health Service Center is making a visit to a patient despite the cold temperature.


In the Emergency Treatment Hall of the 5th People’s Hospital of Shanghai affiliated to Fudan University, doctors and nurses are sticking to their posts in good order.


The first-aid personnel are not slowing down their actions in face of the freezing cold.


The river chief of Pujin Fengshou Village is making a regular patrol along the river, seeing whether there are rubbishes floating over the river and whether the river is frozen.


The draught is extremely great at the metro platform of Dongchuan Road Station and the coordinators and sanitation workers are carrying out their daily work meticulously in the cold wind.


Citizens are able to get through the cold and experience no inconvenience in life due to the all-round protection and care in the cold.


Senior people are having lunch pleasantly in the Old People’s Home.



Children are taking classes and doing exercises at school.


A city will get warmer because of love. Maintaining traffic order, cleaning the city appearance... these common behaviors that we can see everyday are particularly valuable in the coming of severe cold wave. Their attentiveness to post not only requires great efforts but also release endless positive energy. The numerous people sticking to their posts have constituted pictures of warm scenes, adding a sense of warmth to Minhang in the cold winter. Let’s thumb up for them!


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