With the closing of the “Two Sessions” of this year, the practical projects of Minhang District Government in 2018 have been finally confirmed, which cover residence, traffic, ecological environment, society and people’s livelihood and many other fields that are closely related to our daily life. Now, let’s take a look at these 10 practical projects via the following picture –





Pictorial Illustration of 2018 Minhang Practical Projects


I. Implementing water supply intensive renovation on Huacao and other 3 towns


Making renovation on the intensive water supply pipe network facilities in 4 towns – Huacao, Meilong, Zhuanqiao and Maqiao.


II. Getting through 18 dead-end roads in Minhang


Accelerating the implementation of the “Dead-end Roads” 3-Year Plan which attempts to get through 18 “dead-end roads” in Minhang.


III. Optimizing 5 bus lines


IV. Newly building 33 greenbelts (pocket parks)


Newly building 33 greenbelts (pocket parks), covering the green areas under the direct jurisdiction of all 14 sub-districts (towns) and Minhang with the total area of over 130,000m2.


V. Completing the 20km ecological footpath project


Completing the construction of 20km ecological footpaths which are mainly along Jianchuan Road, Puxing Highway, and Jianglong Road, etc.


VI. Newly building 20 neighborhood centers


Planning to build 20 neighborhood centers in Minhang.


VII. Constructing and promoting the convenient medical care service information system (platform)


Establishing the unified medical care log-in entrance and including all district medical institutions in the APP platform to be promoted in Minhang.


VIII. Newly adding (transforming) 1,000 beds for the basic old-age care.


IX. Completing the renovation on the dementia and disability caring areas of 4 nursing institutions for the aged.


X. Organizing 50 “Love Summer Classes” for primary students in Minhang.


These 10 practical projects of Minhang Government aim at resolving the issues that people care about the most and that are of their most direct and realistic interests, thus thinking of and serving for the people and Minhang will further enhance the degree of satisfaction and the sense of gain of the public through practical and effective efforts. Let’s look forward to a brighter Minhang in 2018.


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