September 26 of the past year is the 25th birthday of Minhang District. Recently, Minhang District released a book, “A Journey of 25 Years”, to show the district’s history of exploration, practice and socioeconomic development in the past 25 years.

This book likes an album showing the growth of Minhang District. Let’s take a look at these old photographs and see what Minhang District looks like in the past.




Approval of the State Council

On September 26, the State Council announced the cancellation of Shanghai County and the former Minhang District. This marks the founding of a brand-new Minhang District.



Nanfang Mall completed construction and opened to business



Qibao Mall completed construction and opened to business


Nanfang Mall and Qibao Mall are two regional shopping malls of Minhang in the 1990s. Consumers now have more options for shopping, e.g. Qibao Powerlong City Plaza, Famos Square and Vanke Mall; the Nanfang Corridor, which was completed construction last year, becomes a bridge likes a rainbow that links Metro Line 1’s station and Nanfang Mall together.



The Southern Extended Section of Metro Line 1 (Jinjiang Action Park ~ Xinzhuang Station) Opened to Traffic (Test Run)


The Hongmei Road and Humin Road Overpass Opened to Traffic

Since then, Minhang District also has metro line stations. Xinzhuang became the terminal station for Metro Line 1. This municipal project solved the problem of transportation for numerous citizens. In addition to the southern extended section of Metro Line 1 and the Hongmei Road and Humin Road Overpass, other important construction projects, which made citizen’s life more convenient, such as the Xinmin Light Rail (the Metro Line 5 later), Xinzhuang Overpass and the expansion project for Wuzhong Road, started construction one after another in the same year.




The renovation project for greenbelts on both sides of the east section of Humin Road completed



The Minhang District Center of Handy Service for the Public (Certification and License Handling Center) completed construction


Shanghai Xincheng on Baocheng Road (under construction): From here, you can see the Xinzhuang metro station and surrounding areas



Celebrate the 10th anniversary of Minhang District


Commencement Ceremony of Shanghai Zizhu Science-based Industrial Park /the Shanghai Zizhu Hi-tech Industrial Park now

We can no longer see the “Xinzhuang Red Building” and the Certification and License Handling Center at the north square of Xinzhuang Station, but we can still see them on old photographs. Shanghai Zizhu Science-based Industrial Park, after 15 years of continuous development, has become a national hi-tech industrial park: Shanghai Zizhu Hi-tech Industrial Park, and strives for achieving higher development goals.



Minhang Sports Park completed construction


Fight against SARS



Construction Site of Shanghai Qizhong Forest Sports City / Qizhong Tennis Center nowadays


Construction Site of Renovation Project for Residential Buildings (from Flat Roof Buildings to Slope Roof Buildings)



The Gate of Jiaotong University/East China Normal University

This year, Minhang District made further progress in constructing two university campuses: Jiaotong University and East China Normal University. In the next one decade, these two 985 universities made active contributions to Minhang District for economic construction and nurtured many talents for the district. The area where these two universities located used to be an isolated region and has a nickname “Min-da-huang” (a desolate place). But now, it is prosperous and “Min-da-huang” becomes a pet name that students and residents nearby called this place.


The Former Guanghua Village of Huacao Town: A Village Waiting for Relocation under the Hongqiao Comprehensive Transportation Hub Project

This year, Minhang District completed relocation of 97.6% of residents for the Hongqiao Comprehensive Transportation Hub project. A decade later, Hongqiao Comprehensive Transportation Hub provides great support to the economic prosperity and structural optimization of the Yangtze River Delta region.



Launch ceremony of free bicycle rental service in Minhang District/Bicycle sharing service on the street nowadays

This green means of commuting is a measure launched by Minhang District to welcome Expo 2010 and make the environment cleaner, greener and prettier. The concept of “Shared Service” was not so popular at that time. But now, one decade later, bicycle sharing has been a popular option of commuting for citizens, and it’s more convenient to use the bicycle sharing service now. Do you remember the little green bicycle nine years ago?


The school building of Xiangming Shibo High School

In these years, Minhang District continues to introduce high-quality education resources, promote the construction for the school district system and the education group system, enhance the quality of education and nurture its own features of education. The Xiangming Shibo High School, founded in 2006, is a good example. The school offers high-quality education resources to children in Minhang District, particularly in Pujiang Town, and balances the development of education in Minhang. Following the approaches of “high-quality, informatization, internationalization and individuality”, Minhang District will continue to ensure stable development of education in the future.



Shanghai No.5 Hospital after Renovation and Expansion



The Launch Ceremony of “National Residents Health Card” in Shanghai

Health card, medical treatment alliance and family doctor…Minhang District has gradually established a complete medical service system in the past two decades. In 2005, Minhang became the first district in Shanghai that launched health card for residents (resident population); in 2004, the launch ceremony of “National Residents Health Card” was held in Minhang. It marks the integration of resident’s health card and social security card, making residents more convenient to see the doctor. In the future, Minhang District will give full play to the role of the medical treat alliance, promote overall construction for the hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system and offer high-quality, convenient medical service for residents.



The Yuanjiang Road Section of Jiading-Minhang Elevated Road

The second phase of Jiading-Minhang Elevated Road opened to traffic at the end of last year, and the South Hongmei Road Elevated Road opened to traffic at the same period. The Pujiang Line also completed construction and began trial operation. Construction for the southern extended section of Metro Line 5 and renovation project for existing lines also started. Relocation of residents for the construction project of stations and rail yards of Metro Line 15 has completed. This year, Minhang District will make more progresses in traffic construction. From the first metro line: Metro Line 1 that opened to traffic in Minhang 25 years ago, to the metro network, elevated road and overpass extending in all directions nowadays, Minhang District’s pace for urban construction grows faster and more stable, and people’s life becomes better and more convenient than before.


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