We’ve met the end of the Year of Rooster. Now it’s time to celebrate the Year of the Dog. How will you spend your Spring Festival vacation? The streets in Minhang District have changed a lot these days. Streets are decorated with red lanterns and pretty flowers to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

New Years Decoration in Minhang District:


The archway and entrances of Shaojiaolou Ancient Town in Pujiang Town are decorated with more than 300 red lanterns.


Qibao Old Street in Qibao Town, like Shaojialou Ancient Town, is a famous scenic spot in Minhang District. You can see red lanterns and Chinese knots everywhere, no matter on the streets or nearby stone bridges.


In Maqiao Town, you can see red lanterns everywhere, no matter at shop fronts or in buildings. Spring Festival couplets are put up in Mantianxing Shopping Mall at the intersection of Yinchun Road and Huaning Road.


You can not only write Spring Festival couplets on the paper and put them up on the wall, but also can carve them on columns in a gazebo. This year, Gumei Road Sub-district carved several Spring Festival couplets on columns of four gazebos in greenbelts along Hechuan Road. These Spring Festival couplets, written by amateur calligraphers, created abundant festival atmosphere in Minhang.


There is a huge landscape sculpture in the central place of Xindu Plaza in Xinzhuang Industrial Park. A large Chinese character, “spring”, could be seen in the center of the sculpture, making us feel that the pace of spring is getting closer. Other elements showing the features of Chinese New Year, such as red archway, red lanterns and Chinese knots, are decorated around the Chinese character, “spring”. Three sculptures of dogs in front of the sculpture look very cute, as if saying, “Wish you a happy and prosperous new year.”

Flower Landscape in Minhang District:

New landscape plantings could be seen at intersections of arterial roads, such as Qixin Road and West Xianxia Road in Xinhong Sub-district, Qixin Road and Beidi Road.


Landscape sculpture composed of olive leaves could be seen at the intersection of Qixin Road and West Xianxia Road.


Colorful fringed iris could be seen in the flower beds at the intersection of Qixin Road and Beidi Road. Each color of a flower represents a means of vehicle. This is a symbol of this area as a transportation hub, making passengers more convenient to travel.


Jidi Road, Beidizhi Road and Baole Road in Huacao Town have their own ways to celebrate the New Year. New landscape flower boxes are installed on Jidi Road and Beidizhi Road. A new 3,000 m2 flower bed appeared in the greenbelt on the north side of Baole Road (the RT-Mart section). More than 200 trees and shrubs, such as crape myrtle, Chinese red bud, trident maple and camellia sasanqua, are planted in flower beds at the intersection of Jidi Road and Beidizhi Road and greenbelts along Jidi Road.


Landscape flower boxes are put up on both sides of Anning Road and Heqing Road in Jiangchuan Road Sub-district. Most of flowers are ardisia crenata, because they grow gorgeous scarlet fruits that symbolize wealth.


Plum blossom in early spring also added abundant atmosphere of Spring Festival for Minhang. In the Spring Festival vacation, citizens could appreciate beautiful plum blossoms in Xinzhuang Park and Xinzhuang Plum Blossom Park. (Click here to read more.)

Street Illumination in Minhang District:


Bright street lights in the evening also created cozy and joyful festival atmosphere. The night view in Xinzhuang Town is attractive. Trees on pedestrians of Mingdu Road and Zhucheng Road are decorated with shining lights. The RGB full-color wall washer lights in Xincheng Central Park nearby create the atmosphere of fashion show for tourists.


Xinzhuang Interchange nearby the park is also decorated with beautiful lights. Three types of lights: LED wall washer lights, water-proof static LED projection lights and LED flood lights, make the night in Xinzhuang Town beautiful and mysterious. It’s really cool and modern to drive on Xinzhuang Interchange at night. It likes flying over a rainbow bridge!

In Spring Festival, numerous beautiful landscapes in Minhang are waiting for you to discover. In the next few days, our reporter will introduce more interesting and affordable tourist destinations for you. Let’s go!


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