The fifteenth day of the first month in the Chinese calendar is the Lantern Festival, which marks a prosperous New Year. On the first night with full moon in the Year of Dog, we wish you all a happy Lantern Festival. Lantern and moon is an indispensable part for a perfect Lantern Festival. It’s a good idea to make a rabbit lantern and appreciate the moon with your family.


For Minhang people, you don’t have to go too far to appreciate the moon and lanterns. A lantern show will be held in Xinzhuang Town. You can appreciate lanterns and taste delicious sweet rice ball soup on the show. The lantern show opens today and lasts for ten days. Everyone could visit the show free of charge.


Time: 10:00 a.m. ~ 20:00 p.m., March 2~March 11, 2018 (The lantern show ends at 18:00 p.m. on March 11.)

Venue: Xincheng Central Park (180 Zhucheng Road)


Look! A cute dog is welcoming you in the flower bed at the gate of the park.


An arch decorated with traditional Chinese paper-cutting patterns adds happy atmosphere for the Lantern Festival.



No matter in the morning or at night, you will be attracted by these red lanterns on the main avenue in the park.




The bright illuminations on the bridge look dreamy at night.


Flowers are “blooming” on the lake. These flower-shaped lights are really beautiful.

Apart from excellent light show, you can also participate in various activities in the “Xincheng Sunshine Neighborhood Center” in the park.


Here, a fashion show for crochet hook knits shows the outstanding skills of craftsmen. You can also pick up a pair of scissors, cut a Chinese character “Fu” (good fortune) and feel the fun of paper-cutting. You can also play interactive games with your kids.


Feel tired? Why not taste a bowl of sweet rice ball soup? There is a sweet rice ball exhibition on the Sun Plaza. You can taste sweet rice balls with different stuffing, such as sesame, shepherd’s purse and pork. After eating sweet rice balls, don’t forget to take a walk with a rabbit lantern, and share your good luck and happiness with your friends.


Finally, let’s go back to the center of the main avenue, write down your New Year’s wishes and wish everyone good luck all year round.

Don’t hesitate anymore. Visit Xincheng Central Park with your parents, kids, relatives and friends to appreciate the moon and lanterns. The lantern show won’t make you disappointed.


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