Minhang District held its first District Governor’s Online Office of this year in the evening yesterday. In the online office lasting for more than an hour, the district governor and officials from various functional government departments answered questions from citizens online. These questions cover several aspects, such as road traffic, educational resources and “Beautiful Homeland”.

Road Traffic: The Pujiang Line Starts Trial Operation at the End of This Month and among the 58 “Dead-end Roads” in the District, “Get-Through” Projects have been Completed on 31 Roads


Citizens show great concern for topics concerning traffic, such as metro, public transport transfer, traffic jam and dead-end road. For these questions, what answers did the district governor give?

Q: When does the Pujiang Line open to traffic?

A: Shanghai Shentong Metro Group Co., Ltd is responsible for the construction project of Pujiang Line. This metro line will complete construction and start trial operation at the end of March.

Q: How about the southern extended section of Metro Line 5? Have the renovation projects for metro stations completed? Will this metro line open to traffic this year?

A: Most civil works for the southern extended section of Metro Line 5 have been completed, and the constructor, Shanghai Shentong Metro Group Co., Ltd, is making signal testing for this project. This project is expected to start trial operation at the end of this year.

Q: How many “dead-end roads” will be got through this year?

A: Among the 58 dead-end roads in Minhang District, get-through projects have been completed on 31 of them. We will accelerate the pace this year and try to finish get-through projects on the remaining 27 roads.


Beautiful Homeland: Whether the District Government Has Commercial Plans nearby Residential Quarters? When Does the Construction Project for Jianchuan Road Greenbelt Start? Different Solutions will be given on Different Issues.


 “Beautiful Homeland” is the hottest topic among citizens in the Online Office this time. As construction for “Beautiful Homeland” progresses, the living environment for many residents has been improved, but various problems still exist. How did the district governor answer citizen’s questions on this aspect?

Q: Does the district government have plan for constructing a large commercial complex nearby Pujiang-Rui-He-Cheng Community?

A: There are three pieces of commercial lands nearby Pujiang-Rui-He-Cheng Community, and construction project will start on one of them. As for the large commercial complex on the southeastern side of Puhang Road and Zhaolou Road in Pu-hang-xin-cheng Community, interior decoration for the commercial complex is under way, and it will open to the public this year. I’m sure that this commercial complex will satisfy the needs of daily life for residents in Pu-hang-xin-cheng Community.

Q: Are the walls for the ecological green land on the Meilong section of the Outer Ring Road temporary? I think it’s better to replace them with railings, so we can see trees and lawns from outside.

A: This ecological green land is designed by professional designing institutes, and we have sought opinions from the public. These walls are protective walls that we set up for projects of pulling down illegal constructions. According to the design scheme, all walls will be pulled down after the completion of the ecological green land on the Meilong section of the Outer Ring Road.

Q: In the report of the district government this year, it has mentioned a construction project for greenbelt on Jianchuan Road. Does it mean the start of construction for the Western Longfor Greenland Park? When does this project start?

A: We plan to start construction for the first phase of Jianchuan Road Greenbelt (Western Longfor Greenland Park) in the fourth quarter of 2018, and this project is expected to be completed in December 2019.


Educational Resources: What are the Enrollment Policies for Tianyuan Foreign Language Junior High School and the Third Primary School affiliated to Shanghai Normal University?


The new semester has begun now, and education is also a hot topic among citizens. As for questions from citizens of newly built schools and education resources, what did the district governor say in the Online Office?

Q: What’s the enrollment policy of the Tianyuan Foreign Language Junior High School, a school still under planning? When does the school begin to enroll new students?

A: Tianyuan Foreign Language Junior High School is a public school for students accepting compulsory education. Students living in the nearest neighborhoods could enroll in the school without sitting for an entrance exam. The school districts suited to this school will be announced in the first half of 2019.

Q: Which school district does the Third Primary School affiliated to Shanghai Normal University belong to? Has the school completed recruitment of teachers?

A: According to the requirements of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission for enrolling students, we will announce to the public which school district the Third Primary School affiliated to Shanghai Normal University belongs to in the near future. The school is preparing for a new semester. It has formed a management team and recruitment of teachers is under way.

Netizens also answered questions concerning people’s life, including questions of greenery, environmental governance and supporting community service. Visit the website of Minhang District Government (http://www.shmh.gov.cn), click the button: “The District Governor’s Online Office” or “Read More” on the lower left corner for knowing more details.

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