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Notice of Soliciting Works for “Minsheng Cup” Photography Contest of Minhang Social Undertakings’ Achievements

All residents,

The “Minsheng Cup” Photography Contest of Minhang Social Undertakings’ Achievements, themed “City Images: Focus on People’s Livelihood,”, will be held to show the district’s images of and achievements in social undertakings in recent years. Every photo faddist is welcome, with details as follows:

I. Gist

Revealing the district’s new achievements, changes and looks in terms of social undertakings; witnessing the development process and level of the district’s social undertakings through the unique photography art.

II. Sponsor

Shanghai Minsheng Investment Development Co., Ltd.

III. Co-organizer

Gumei Photography Salon

IV. Time

November 28 to December 10, 2011

VI. Rewards

1. 1 first prize winner, 3 second prize winners, 5 third prize winners, and some winners for awards of excellence, with certificates to be issued;

2. RMB3,000, RMB2,000, RMB1,000 and RMB100 for each winner of the first, second and third prizes as well as awards of excellence, respectively;

3. Commemorative awards will be granted to those in the shortlist.

VI. Requirements and Rules:

1.All photographers are eligible to submit their works, which are supposed to reflect the projects related to the district’s social undertakings completed or under construction, and mirror the development of the district’s social undertakings;

2.Single or serial, black-and-white or color works, in unlimited amount, could participate in the contest, with the photo format of JPEG and the photo size of more than 2M;

3.Change of raw image or the processing like the combination and addition is not allowed;

4.A contestant should send his/her works and the attached information including the works’ names, time points and places of shooting, the photographer’s name, contact address, and zip code to the specified mailbox;

5.As the contest will not charge for or return contributions, the sponsor has the right to use the winning and selected works for free for publicity in non-operating activities, including exhibitions, publications, TV programs and movies, media reports, publicity materials, and internal academic exchanges;

6.All entries should never involve in legal issues like copy right, portraiture right, and reputation right, otherwise the contestant concerned shall assume the corresponding legal liability.

VII. Contribution and Contact

1.All works should be sent to the email box 2541260291@qq.com

2. Contact: Sun Yiran 64986828*5355 and Zhang Jianhong 18918101110

Shanghai Minsheng Investment Development Co., Ltd.

November 24, 2012

Recommended Spots for Photography


Project Name


Educational Units



in the east of Hangxi Road and the north of Hangnan Road



359 Bijiang Road (in the south of Dongchuan Road and the north of Heqing Road)


Newly-built Minhang District Teacher Training Institution

in the east of South Hongmei Road and the south of planned Zihong Road (near Donghai College and South China Normal University) in Wujing Town


XiangmingShiboMiddle School

138 Pujin Road (at the junction of Pujin Road and Lianhang Road, near Shibojiayuan Clinic of Shanghai No. 5 Hospital) in PujiangTown


School Affiliated to SouthChinaNormalUniversity

to the east of planned Jiangjiagang Riverway, the south of planned No. 1 Road, the west of South Hongmei Road, and to the north of planned Zihong Road


Newly-built Qunyi Vocational and TechnicalSchool

4080 Yuanjiang Road (in the north of Yuanjing Road, the east of Huaning Road, the west of Zhuguang River, and adjacent to Shanghai Xinzhuang Industry Park)


ComplexBuilding and Fencing Hall of ShanghaiMeilongMiddle School

299 Zhenxi Road (in the north of Tenghua Road and the south of Yimei Road) in MeilongTown

Medical Units


Expansion of MinhangDistrictCentralHospital

170 Xinsong Road (in the north of Xinsong Road, the west of Xindong Road, and the east of Xinling Road)


HealthServiceCenter of Longbai Community

250 Qingshan Road (in the north of Qingshan Road and the west of Huanghua Road)


Expansion of Municipal No. 5 Hospital

801 Heqing Road (in the south of Heqing Road and the west of Ruili Road)


Expansion of WujingHospital

155 Jianchuan Road (in the south of Jianchuan Road and the west of Longwu Road)


Relocation of Minhang District Mental HealthCenter

2500 Zhahang Road (in the north of Zhahang Road, the south of YuejinHarbor, and the east of YangjingRiver) in PujiangTown


Reorganization and Expansion of JiangchuanSectionHospital

63 Humin Road


Relocation of MinhangDistrictCenter for Disease Control and Prevention

955 Zhongyi Road (in the south of Zhongyi Road and the east of Zhongchun Road) in QibaoTown


Minhang District Maternal and ChildHealthCenter

805 Gudai Road


Newly-built Methadone Alternative Clinic (DetoxificationCenter) and Psychiatry Clinic Project of

Xinzhuang Community

666 Shuying Road (in the north of Shuying Road and the west of Qixin Road)


Southern Branch of RenjiHospital

The land lots in the north of Jiangyue Road, between Pujin Road and Puchi Road, along both banks of HuannanRiver in PujiangTown, Minhang District

Cultural and Sports Units


Hockey Field of Minhang District Stadium

540 Xindong Road (in the east of Xindong Road and the north of Xinbei Road)


Minhang District Gymnasium

in the east of Xinzhen Road, within the SportsPark


Li'an Cultural Center

in the southeast of the crossing of Xiuwen Road and Liming Road, within Li'an Park


TennisCenter of ShanghaiQizhongForestSportsCity

5500 Yuanjiang Road (in the north of Yuanjiang Road and the west of Kunyang Road)


Minhang Chunshen Cultural Square

85 Mingdu Road (to the east of Dushi Road, the west of Zhucheng Road, the south of Fudu Road, and the north of Mingdu Road)

Civil Affairs Units


Zhongyi Welfare House

955 Zhongyi Road, QibaoTown (in the south of Zhongyi Road and the east of Zhongchun Road)



1115 Lianhua Road (in the west of Lianhua Road, the south of Donglan Road, and the north of Pingnan Road)

Other Public Utilities



397 Liannong Road (in the south of Liannong Road and the west of Xinyuan Road)



282 Xinsong Road (in the north of Xinsong Road, the east of Xinxi Road and the west of Xinling Road)


Relocation of No. 3 Antiaircraft Gun Regiment

669 Huaxi Road (at the junction of Jindu Road and Huaxi Road)


Relocation of Minhang District Armed Forces

88 Shuying Road (near MinhangDistrictPartySchool in the west)


Relocation of MinhangDistrictDetentionCenter and Exhibition Room of Warning Education

No. 199, Lane 600, Sanlu Road (to the north of Lunan Road and the south of YuejinRiver)


Expansion of MinhangDistrictPartySchool

258 Shuying Road


Houses for the Activities of the Home of Retired Military Cadres in Xinzhuang

49 Xinsong No. 2 Estate



6200 Humin Road


Houses for the Business of Remote Sensing Center

555 Xinbang Road (in the south of Xinbang Road and the east of Zhongchun Road)


InformationCenter (Decoration) for Minhang District Urban Management and EmergencyLinkageCenter

696 Guangzhong Road


OfficeBuilding (Decoration) of Minhang Branch of Shanghai Municipal Food and Drug Administration

300 Xinjian Road


OfficeBuilding of Minhang District Justice Bureau

384 Xintan Road


Minhang District Health Bureau

777 Qixin Road