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Jinjiang Shilin Night Market Coming Back, More Delicacies & Ideas to Satisfy All Your Taste Buds

Jinjiang Shilin Night Market gathering nearly 50 authentic Taiwan night market snacks has made a mighty return after upgrading. Apart from numerous classical Taiwan snacks, it has introduced many new arrivals to meet the picky taste buds of all foodies.


Classical & Delicious
Traditional Taiwan Snacks: Not One Less

At the mention of snacks on Taiwan night market, there must be the famous oyster omelet, small sausage in large sausage, braised port rice, pearl milk tea, coffin burger, squid ball, beef noodles, Jiufen taro ball, Taiwan sausage, glutinous oil rice… These popular traditional delicacies have made people unable to resist and forget with their fair price and authentic flavor. This year, these classical delicacies will be present at Jinjiang Night Market again to challenge your “stomach space”.



Jinjiang Night Market has launched newly-emerged “online celebrities” except apart from traditional delicacies. The venti mango jumbo, the tempting squid in brown sauce, the good-looking and delicious butterfly pea layered ice drink, teriyaki broiled whole bullfrog… each of them is worth a try.

“Fresh” Fruits
Extreme Freshness of 48-hour Direct Shipment



Generally, Taiwan fruits brought in Shanghai market have gone through 6 days to be present on the counter after being picked and the long-term transportation would lead to the deterioration of fruits in short time. To ensure the absolute freshness of the fruits for Jinjiang Shilin Night Market, suppliers have generally chosen to pick the fruits when they are 60% ripe and that’s why the fruits taste different with those bought in Shanghai. And the retail of “direct shipment fruits from growing area” has been specially launched at Jinjiang Shilin Night Market. The whole process from picking fruits from presenting them on the counter only takes 48 hours and the fruits are picked when they are of the same ripeness with those supplying to Taipei, thus ensuring their taste and freshness.



Friendly & Nice Gift
Selected Souvenir: You Should Never Miss It

There is another highlight of the successful transformation of Jinjiang Shilin Night Market into a real night market – the souvenir and cultural creative products’ fair. Nougat, suncake, smoothie pie… as an eligible foodie, how can you miss bringing these delicacies away? In addition, the popular mascot from Kumamoto, Japan, will come to Jinjiang Shilin Night Market, allowing you to collect all “online celebrities” at one time. Meanwhile, little games suitable for both young and old have been newly added. How can you miss such a night market where there is plenty to eat and drink and where you can shop to your heart’s content and enjoy yourself to the most?



The Night Market lasts till October 31 and Jinjiang Park will open 2 events, including Ferris Wheel, at night from Monday to Friday and 6-8 events at night on the weekend. Min Min believes that entertainment and delicacies just go well with each other. If you have any favorite activity or event in your tour, you can leave a message at backend and Min Min will present you a little surprise later and try to realize you little desire.

Address: Jinjiang Park (No. 201, Hongmei Road)

Opening Time: 16:00 – 22:00 (Monday – Friday); 11:00 – 22:00 (Saturday & Sunday)

Traffic Information:
Metro: Jinjiang Park Station of Line 1;
Bus: No. 810, No. 1202, No. 703, No. 704, No. 704B, No. 712, No. 166, No. 747, No. 946, No. 257;
Driving: Gudai Exit of Middle Ring or Hongmei Exit of Humin Elevated.

Shilin Night Market is inside the Jinjiang Park and the admission is free, but you should buy a ticket for the entertainment facilities. Min Min learnt from the staff that there are over 200 parking places in Jinjiang. Remember first come, first served!