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Optimizing the Crossing of Humin Highway and Qixin Road

Min Min released the information on the “Permanent Canceling of Left-turn Lanes at Humin Highway – Xinsong Road and Qixin Road – Humin Highway” last week. After that, many netizens inquired whether the bus lines at these crossings will be affected.

Min Min has thus learned from Minhang District Transportation Commission that vehicles turning left from south to west at the crossing of Humin Highway – Xinsong Road and those turning left from north to east at the crossing of Humin Highway – East Xinjian Road would take up a left-turn lane and a straight lane, which would lead to an exceptional congestion at Humin Highway – Xinsong Road and Xinjiang Road – East Xinjian Road and greatly affect public transportation.


Extra-position of the previous Xinsong Road – Xindong Road Station

Given that, a bus station has been newly added at the southwest side of Longemont Shopping Mall and bus lines No. 153, No. 831, Minhang No. 12, Xinche Line and Xinzhuang No. 1 which need to turn left from Humin Highway to Xinsong Road will change their routes and stop here, and then turn left to Xinsong Road from Xindong Road. And the rest route will remain the same. But bus lines that do not need to turn left from Humin Highway will still stop at the previous station.

Min Min has made a more visualized map for you to learn about the distance between the previous station and the newly-added station and the bus lines stopping at the corresponding station.


Station I: No. 125, Minhang No. 20, Songxin Line, Songxin Line B, No. 150, No. 166, No. 700, No. 704B, No. 747

Station II: No. 153, No. 831, Xinche Line, Xinzhuang No.1, Minhang No. 12

See, this is the new station –



The new bus station has come into service from today and its ground marks have been improving.

The 2 stations are not far from each other. But Min Min still wants to remind you that the change of bus station will affect your daily outing to some extent and you’d better tell each other and avoid going to the wrong station at peak hours and wasting your time.

With the optimization at the crossing of Humin Highway and Qixin Road, those having got used to the previous paths might have to adapt to the new routes for some time and it is hoped that you would inform each other of the adjusting and avoid unnecessary trouble. Min Min will release more convenient information for the first time and please keep following “Shanghai Minhang”.